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Adebayo Jones

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  1. chioma says:

    very cute and lovely

  2. ngozi okafor says:

    lovely and unique

  3. uche says:

    Very very exquisite! I luv So much!!! What are the price range? Interested

  4. Nene says:

    Wow! This is just BEAUTIFUL. I love his work!!! Wish he would design something for me someday!

  5. Jbabs says:

    this is beautiful and awesome..Good job

  6. Layo G says:

    Love it all round! this is so me!

  7. A' ISHA says:

    this is a supernatural touch

  8. Hi

    I love his collection. Very awe inspiring

    I am a freelance Stylist/Art Director and was wondering how I would go about contacting the designers you review.


  9. Ama says:

    Classy designs.Great talent and skill.

  10. Ayanda says:

    Great combination of fabrics, great work, very classy, revolution in the air!!!!!!

  11. Guys
    I am most touched and appreciative of all the kind and wonderful comments about my work.
    It means a lot when one realises that the message and the creativity in the collection is understood.
    Many thanks to you all and we aim to keep flying the flag and making you proud.

    Much love and Regards

    Adebayo Jones

  12. Aber ouma says:

    Such inspiring, beautifull, elegent and classy workmanship as ever. If clothes could communicate, there would be only purities spoken here. Well done. You've been blessed.

  13. lily says:

    it's very nice, i like it.

  14. chioma says:

    You have a very wonderful work and your are equally a nice person , in that you took out time to reply these comments,bravo!!!

  15. Shirley Abbey says:

    Absolutely stunning! I see myself wearing some of his clothes to work in a few years time, by Gods Grace

  16. Siphosami says:

    Thumbs up! Very elegant with a stunning touch of sophistication. Love this collection!

  17. Florence Ogunrin says:

    thanks for this great job. Doing a PhD research on garment industry in Nigeria and came across your fine work.Keep it up.collection is great.

  18. Such beautiful collection, looking forward to interviewing you someday!

  19. James Francis says:

    Creativity is the Ablitiy to make a change in the line of fashion. You got the magic spread it wide and lets the bell ring ur name for next generation. U Great men !!!

  20. hannu says:

    simply loooooovely

  21. Simply the best. Sooo clean. You are the best male designers I know. luv, luv, luv your work.

  22. melanie jones says:

    can you please let me know where mr jones is
    thank you

  23. HELEN says:

    ADEBAYO JONES, a renowned fashion designer has been nominated for a BEFFTA Award as BEST MALE DESIGNER to be held on 17th October 2009 at the prestigious Hilton Metropole, London.

    (Black Entertainment, Film, Fashion, Television & Arts)

    Adebayo Jones has immeasurable talent, with each of his design breathtaking and captivating. Those that know Adebayo Jones will agree that there is no designer more deserving of this honour and recognition. He is both highly acclaimed and respected in the fashion industry.

    Whilst immensely touched by the nomination, Adebayo Jones now needs our help to win the award. Pls let's not miss this opportunity to show our support and appreciation to this Master of Creativity

    He Needs Your Vote!

    To register your vote for Adebayo Jones please visit

    The link above takes you direct to the page, where you will be asked your name and your email, this is purely to prevent spam/block voters, you will not be getting an influx of bogus emails, I personally have not received anything since placing my vote.

    The category is – BEST MALE DESIGNER which is the 20th category on the list

    ADEBAYO JONES – 2nd designer on the list


    Every Vote Counts so Please Get Voting!!!!!!

  24. ogoo ekemezie says:

    i want to be a model

  25. Kedibone says:

    Wow…this is soooooo stunning