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Nina Keita in Old Navy ADs.

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Nina Keita hails from Ivory Coast, and is slowly becoming a face to reckon with in the Fashion Industry. For a couple of years now, she’s been popping up in the Old Navy ADs mostly played in the United States, and is the main character in their feature Mini movie – Pattern Play…Check it out:

Nina for Old Navy.

You may also check out the making of “Pattern Play” below:

Don’t you just feel spring approaching?! Weeee…and how cute is Nina?!

– Wadami.

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  1. Bolaji says:

    lol it looks like she was stalking that guy. I like Old navy all of a sudden. Now that's advertising.

  2. Ikechukwu says:

    First off, go Nina Keita..loved the first video! The music was pleasant (who's the artist)! I agree with Bolaji….the ad left me wanting to seriously peruse through Old Navy. The floral heavy styles were nice–consistent with what we saw in many of the spring 2008 collections. Nothing to out of the ordinary from Old Navy, but the ad made me want to shop there, no lie.

  3. Gregwar's Reven says:

    Okay, what is up with that weave? Def done by a white person or an oreo. Anyway she looks like she's having a good time. Love what Oldnavy designers have done with patterns. Don't y'all love the color of the accessories on Nina's white canvas?

    Good location. I think I will shoot my next short film, "being a boy" ("BaB) in Buenos Aires. Perhaps the fab Nina would love to star in it. (Hint, hint: hook me up fashionafrica!)

  4. Isa says:

    She is freakin’ perfect! What a beautiful woman.

  5. chantelle e-c says:

    Awww Nina Keita! =) It was so refreshing to see this commercial and the music was great.

  6. Tifferoni says:

    Nina is very beautiful! Gregwar, boo hiss to you. I like her hair and she looks great!
    I normally cannot stand Old Navy, but this new ad campaign is making me change my mind!

  7. diarra says:

    nina is so ,so beautiful.Me and her kind of have the same complexion. I LOVE seeing a beautiful dark skin woman doing her thing.