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Intern Files: Spring 2008 List.

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Hello all, Lotanna is our first intern to write a blog for the site, and it’s only fitting the blog gets featured today – HER BIRTHDAY!!! – Wadami.

Let’s get right to it, spring is right by the corner. Lotanna’s 2008 spring picks are:


– There’s nothing sexier than locks grown out of your own head. How many times has a great make out session been ruined by a guy running his hands through his girl’s hair only for his fingers to get caught in the thread that holds her weave together? The Au Naturel look is back in a big way.

– What’s HauTe (Afro):


. Close second (Long relaxed) –  relaxed-hair.JPG

Day to Night dress:

– Whether it’s shopping, meeting friends for al fresco lunch, or a perhaps-not-so-casual date with the one you adore, the Day to Night Dress will see you through with style. A staple for busy women who can’t always rush home to change. A fresh dab of your favourite fragrance, and voila! You’re good to go. Pull a stylish jacket over it for daytime seriousness. Ditch the cover up for night-time glam.  


The “IT” Bag:

– A girl has got to have a bag, but more importantly, a girl should have an ‘IT’ bag. The IT bag transcends the mere functionality of transporting your necessary items  as you run around on your undoubtedly hectic schedule to elevate the carrier to iconic status.

– What’s HauTe (E4MA bags):


. Close Second – tigertem-bag.JPG .

Cocktail Rings:

– Baubles big and small are welcome this season, and the more you have the merrier you should be. Cocktail rings are elegant in a naughty way, and add a sophisticated touch a young professional woman. If you’re older they’re also a great way to feel flirty and young again without going overboard.

– What’s HauTe (TigerTem Cocktail Ring):


 Close Second – kenneth-jay-lane-ring.JPG .

…there you have it. Your easy staple for spring to keep you looking stylish in 2008. 

– Lotanna Igwe-Odunze


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P.S: Have no clue what happened to the pictures, but once it’s figured out, it will be fixed! In the meantime please enjoy yourself on the site, and come back!!

To get information on how to get the look or styles featured in this blog, please visit HERE, and inquire.

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  1. Tosan says:

    Nice work, Lotanna. Some tips for future reference:

    – You can only cover a certain amount of information, so please give links to websites and blogs that go into more depth.

    – Show how to wear the items rather than just the items on their own because that provides a more enduring image in the mind of your reader.

    I look forward to reading more from you and other interns. Good start!

  2. Lotanna I says:

    Aww, thanks everyone!! I just got back from Orlando.. Universal Studios was great fun! I'll fix those pictures ASAP

  3. LOVE that cote minou dress!


  4. wadami says:

    Great picks Lotanna! Happy Birthday!!

  5. Bolaji says:

    Good stuff.Happy bday!

  6. Bunmi Opzz says:

    Thumbs up Lotanna!

  7. Ikechukwu says:

    Nice post. I feel you on the hair bit. The worst thing is when a person of the male sex can spot your weave from a distance or even up close. Worse enough, when they can feel it because its telling you two things…either get a better weave or simply take it back to the roots! I hope Dammie didn't have you up to it to laud the natural look!! I heard something about her going natural?! 😛 (bite my tongue)

  8. Lotanna I says:

    @Tosan: Thanks, and your advice is noted. I have some juicy posts coming up, so come back.

    @Ikechukwu: lol! No, she did not put me up to it; I’m actually trying to grow my hair natural. I’ve heard that with proper care, kinky hair can grow up to 24 inches. In other words, down to my butt. I cannot wait! And yes, I suspect Dami is trying to do just the same thing. Hmmm… let’s not spread rumours.

  9. Azara says:

    Love ur blog, LOL about the HAIR COMMENT…oh the things WOMEN GO THROUGH!! lol, anyways I am obsessed with hair and talk about it on my blog:

  10. TigerTem says:

    Happy Birthday Lotanna and thanks for flying the Tiger Tem flag!

  11. Pwhndvve says:

    Rimsky went the dazzlingly buy cytotec then announced daughters.