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Just incase you didn’t know: …while you were waiting for blog updates.

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…Other parts of the website were/are being updated. Another reason we encourage you to subscribe/register to the website, so you get these updates the second they are up… we don’t want you missing out on the fun, ya know?!?!

Well, check out:

Designers: Alber Elbaz for Lavin & Yves Saint Laurent – We have no clue how Paris Fashion Week skipped us, but we know, we were knee deep in the billion South Africa Fashion Weeks (complete coverage + reviews – click the BIG picture on the homepage) – Check out Alber Elbaz & YSL’s Fall ’08 collections in the designers section.

People & Tributes: Thandie Newton – Zambian beauty, how Gorgeous is she?!?!

…also check out HauTe TV!


Love, Wadami.