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Interview – Who’s HauTe?!; Samata Angel of Samata’s Muse.

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British-born Ghanaian designer Samata Angel has showcased her label ‘Samata’s Muse’ at prestigious international events such as the Festival of Youth Arts in association with The Mayor of London, The Clothes Show Live and The Face of Asia, and today she launches the beginning of’s ‘Who’s HauTe’ series – A profile of up & coming talents that are definitely worth looking out for.

Samata Angel hails from Cambridge; the talented designer was nominated as ‘Exceptionally Creative’ at the British Female Inventor and Innovators Awards 2007, her stunning designs have seen requests from the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Dawn Richards (Danity Kane), along with an offer to join the design team for JLO’s ‘Sweetface’.

Samata has always had a knack for fashion and has worked as Fashion Editor of The Talent Magazine writes regular blogs for leading UK fashion website Fashion Capital and is a talented musician. She recently launched her Spring/Summer 2008 collection at the Nolcha Fashion Week (becoming the first black British female to show).

Samata Angel was nominated for the Aristoc Woman of the Year 2007, and will launch three collections and a guide book for young designers. She was also made Ambassador for the Girls! Make your Mark Campaign.

We are honored to have a chat with this promising talent, who just glows of positive radiance:

FA: Hello Samata, how are you today? The trip from Spain & Italy, how did it go, refreshing we hope?

SA: It was great to get away and spend time with my friends. I went to Spain for a holiday and Italy for business (even when I am meant to be taking a time out I just can’t!)

FA: When and how did Samata’s Muse come about?

SA: I launched in 2005 after having spent time customisng and creating pieces for women. I felt like I wanted to make it more formal and official. Plus I had been working as Head of Marketing for a clothing label and Head of PR for a boutique so I did already have a good understanding of the industry for a number of angles…

FA: How and/or where else do you pull inspiration from for the label?

SA: I think it has a great deal to do with putting myself into new and exciting environments and trying to stay positive and happy. You can not really create if your mind is not clear – having said that sometimes you create your best work when your life is in a storm….my main source of inspiration is originality and change.

FA: How many collections have you launched till date? Your label seems to be broken down into different sections, do you mind explaining what “Unique” “Limited Edition” and “Humble Ambition” are about or are they just names for previous collections?..

SA: Two collections so far. Every one of my collections is announced by the term ‘The Muses’ which simply announces a collection of pieces that have been inspired.

  • The Muses – Unique clothing range presents unique design – jackets, skirts and dresses with cut-outs, intricate beading, angled cuts and flattering layers. Limited Edition are one off pieces created to mark special occasions such as our launch, the label’s birthday (5th April), Christmas and other important occasions.

The Humble Ambition range is a collection of t-shirts coming soon.

FA: We noticed ‘The Knot” in some of your collections, is that a Samata Muse trade mark?

SA: Yes definitely, so is the ruffled vertical hemline!

FA: How did it feel to be the first black British female to show at Nolcha Fashion Week?

SA: It felt good – I want to make history for as long as I can be and be the first at many things so this was great but really it was more important that other young black designers contacted me to say they also now thought it was something they could do. It is all about opening the doors for others and inspiring other people.

FA: Where is the label heading to now, and what do we expect to see and hear from Samata Muse in say, 2 – 5 years?!

SA: I would say the launch of more ranges is imminent but also I will be launching a guide book series for emerging or struggling designers to offer them advice in areas from marketing, to manufacturing to how to present themselves for sponsorship.

FA: As a young designer, who is also working on a guide for young designers, do you feel you have garnered enough experience to teach up coming designers. Off the bat, what would be your first advice to designers that are looking up to you now?

SA: I definitely have. Firstly I have my degree in Economics, Finance and Management which gives me a really good understanding of business which a lot of creative people do not have – they have all this amazing talent but not necessarily a great deal of business acumen – even down to how to present to a potential investor. I have also had the chance to work in a number of fields within the industry and not just as a designer so in areas such as PR and Marketing I have a great deal of advice and really I think it is important to learn from people (from everyone to be honest), especially those who have done what you want to do. I have had amazing press coverage for someone who started so recently – I was just interviewed by BET! So I do think I have a valid point of view worth listening to.

FA: Speaking about being a role model, congratulations on being an Ambassador for Girls! Make your mark campaign, how did you get into that, and what other charity organizations do you work with?

SA: Thank you – I was actually recommended by the Prime Minister Gordon Brown – Number 10 suggested we get in touch with the organisation, we did and it went from there. Right now they are the only organisation I work with and I want to keep being selective.

FA: It was so sweet chatting with you Samata; we wish you all the best life has got to offer in your endeavors, any last words for the readers?

SA: Live your life with your passion in it. Even if you can not do what you love full time, make a little time for it otherwsie you will lose touch with your God-given ability which not everyone is lucky enough to have!

Check out Samata’s collection; Samata’s Muse in the designers section of

– Wadami.

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