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Queen of Hearts; Lelethu Lumkwana (01/25/1984 – 11/03/2008)

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It was a message from a mutual friend of ours Zodwa (Couture Conversations connection), saying “I received some sad news this morning. Lelethu Lumkwana drowned in her pool. A tenant found her in the early hours of this morning. I’m afraid I don’t have much else in the way of information – what went wrong, how it happened… Suffice to say that all her friends and family are so saddened by the loss of such a wonderful, beautiful and talented South African spirit.”

I have been in shock, and still am. She really was the life that pushed me and let me see how, and where will be going. She was so dedicated to turning in her blogs, and sharing with the world the beautiful things, Africa had to show in Fashion and culture. She didn’t just have this attitude towards ‘work’ but with life in general. It was all about living and loving for her, and now she has left us, to keep loving and living without her physical presence.

From her friends:

A creative soul, Leza lived her life to the fullest – and this showed
in everything that she did. The former editor of True Love Babe had
previously worked as features writer for Cosmopolitan and True Love
magazine. Prior to her untimely death, she was the editor of Campus
Times, and a freelance writer for a number of other
publications. Leza’s online presence on Studio 83, as well as her
blogs, Couture Conversations and on Gusto Projects will be sadly
missed. Her dream to open her own media company was about to be
Leza’s love for Africa was limitless and fueled by mountainous
passion. True to her independent self, she went to the Lake of the
Stars Music Festival in Malawi on her own – and loved it! Botswana and
Nigeria were also honoured to feel her presence. Over and above
traveling, her dream was to break borders and create a collective
voice for artists, writers and other creatives across the continent,
and to the rest of the world.

If you had had the opportunity to have met her, you would have
recognized a truly beautiful and compassionate soul. Leza was a
dreamer, whose thoughts and actions were often more profound than her
young age.

This hole will never be filled, and am glad you are the one who put it there, because for everytime i feel the hurt, I feel your zest, and appeal for live, and Love.

“My Love:. Rest In Peace, Lelethu Lumkwana – Superwoman; Mother; Sister; Friend.

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