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Old News opens at CCA,Lagos

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Old News 5th of December 2009 – 9th of January 2010
Reception 5th December, 3pm

Centre for Contemporary Art,Lagos is pleased to be collaboration with Danish Curator Jacob Fabricius on Old News #6 Lagos – Malmö featuring the newspaper clippings of 31 artists based in Lagos and 31 artists based in Malmö. The exhibition will be accompanied by Old News #5 a solo exhibition by Danish conceptual artist, Jens Haaning.
Old News is a project about information and media
In Old News you will find images and articles selected by individuals. It could have been farmers, dental technicians or real estate agents choosing the articles and images, but the information in Old News are selected by artists.

The news ideology of the Party in the novel 1948 by George Orwell seems so tempting, scary and modern at the same time. Tempting to introduce, scary to introduce and modern because it happens daily and is already introduced. Imagine having all news articles, images, books, everything edited and altered so past, present and future melt and fit into one image? Imagine having only one voice, instead of many.

‘Many’ is one of the key words in the idea behind Old News. There are many voices in Old News #6. Together with Bisi Silva, I have curated Old News #6, but one could hardly call it curating because out of 62 artists we have only selected 2-4 artists. The curatorial idea behind Old News #6 was simple and functioned as a relay race. The curators (situated in Lagos, Nigeria, and Malmö, Sweden) selected one artist each to cut an article on the 1st of August, and after that the two artists selected two new artists to do clippings the following day, the 2nd of August. These artists then selected two new artists and so on.

Although Lagos and Malmö are not traditionally considered major centres of the world, one of the criteria was that the artists should have some relation to the regions, be it through studies, exhibitions, living, teaching, being born in the cities or regions, or having had a grandmother living there. The artists were also asked to select a word or write a statement about their choice of article. If the chain would break or if an artist selected a new artist, who had already chosen and cut an article previously, the selection had to be rebooted and the curator would select a new artist and start the race again. It would continue throughout August 2009.

The total straight-line flight (‘as the crow flies’) distance between Malmö, Sweden, and Lagos, Nigeria, is 5,517 kilometres. This is equivalent to 3,428 miles or 2,979 nautical miles. The cities and geographical regions are very different, so is the news. Old News #6 has many voices from two different regions. Their choices of news, their palimpsest has not been edited, altered, scraped clean, nor reinscribed.

Jacob Fabricius

Talks Programme

Monday 7th December
Jens Haaning, Artist, Talk about his conceptual artistic practice 3.30pm
Jacob Fabricius, curator and Director of Malmo Kunsthall will talk about his curatorial practice. 4. 15pm
Q & A 5pm followed by light refreshments.
Old News Project has received generous support from Danish Art Agency, Nordic Culture Point and the Danish Centre for Culture and Development.

Invite Old-News_5th dec

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a Fabulous reason to write a letter – Alber Elbaz of Lanvin designs french post stamps.

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As part of continued celebrations for Lanvin’s 120th anniversary, Alber Elbaz has designed two stamps for the French postal service, La Poste, illustrated with his iconic playful doodles. They will go on sale early next year. Also on offer will be three limited edition ceramic hearts for sending to loved ones in the post.



– ‘Wadami.

Naomi Campbell in Mustafa Hassanali

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Naomi Campbell in a Mustafa Hassanali

Looking like the Goddess she is. Naomi Campbell in Mustafa Hassanali.

– ‘Wadami.

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