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Who’s HauTe? Funeka Ngwevela; The Southern Quirk

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Funeka Ngwevela is totally obsessed with fashion and all that engulfs fashion, Only 22 and has chosen the fashion path she was to thread. The art of styling, she does not believe that one should have to sit in the a confined four-wall environment to know how to style; It should come from within. This South African beauty ignores the mockery and jests of the ”not-so-fashion-forward” friends and carries on her uniqueness! Funkela with her deep passion for the old school style of fashion, fashion photography, she’s out to take the fashion world by a storm!

FashionAfrica had the chance to catch up with this bubbly up and coming talent, here’s what she had to say..

FashionAfrica: What part of Southern Africa are you from exactly?

Funkela Ngwevela: I am from South Africa

FA: A lot of people know you as quirkystylista; Tell us a little more than we know about you already!( Your hobbies, your interests inclusive)

FN: My name is Funeka Ngwevela a 22 year old from Johannesburg. I am a vintage devotee. The 1920s and 1960s inspire me a lot. I have a muse for high fashion photography such as the works of Craig Mcdean . If am not vintage shopping I treat myself to live bands.

FA: How did this love/obsession for fashion come about?

FN: Spending a lot of time in a small town called Grahamstown has influenced me a lot. The town is rich of art and people with all walks of life and I felt compelled to take and learn something from everyone. That for me was fashion.

FA: How would you describe your style and what inspires this style of yours?

FN: My style is divided into two there is ‘the quirky stylista’ that is the quirky, carefree side of me and highly experimental when it comes to clothes. The other side is ‘Mademioselle Funi’ that is the classy, elegant and sophisticated side of me. ‘Mademoiselle funi’ explores the motto which says ‘how you dressed is how you will be addressed’.  I always “I feel like a French woman trapped in a Xhosa body”. So my style is Retro, Classic and effortless. The 1920s and 60s inspire and influence my wadrobe.

FA: What do you enjoy most about styling?

FN: I regard styling as art. Styling allows me to explore and experiment with clothes and create different looks.

FA: I would assume that being African could have put some strain on the ‘fashion lifestyle’ how did your community, family, friends accept this quirkiness?

FN: I have not yet been accepted by the community at large. I am always ridiculed and laughed at by those who have no sense of style. It does not really bother me because I believe we should all strive to be different and leave a mark!

FA: We noticed that you have done some styling for some photo shoots, did you at any point gone to Styling school?

FN: Yes, I have worked on a number of shoots such as the Charity Cases Show. I have never been to any styling. I believe that you cannot study styling because it is a talent from within.

FA: Have you had the opportunity to style any famous figures yet?

FN: No, not yet

FA: Are you into fashion full-time?

FN: No, I have other commitments like a regular job but that does not mean my dedication to fashion is waning. I put it first.

FA: You do some modelling as well, How do you balance everyday life, modelling, styling, blogging?

FN: Modelling and styling are not things I do everyday but given the chance I would.

FA: You were recently featured in an African Magazine, How did you feel about that?

FN: I am always looking for opportunities to put my name out there. One page of me in a magazine could be my launch pad. I am always happy.

FA: Do you see yourself doing so much more in the fashion Industry; where do you see your fashion career in 3 years?

FN: Yes!!! I would love to be behind fashion shows working with designers.

FA: Married, Single, Searching …. Which is your pick?

FN: I am single and searching for a French marquis

FA: What do you love most about your life and why?

FN: I love the people around me. They love and support what I do. Motivation goes a long way.

FA: If you had to choose a fashionista to follow their steps closely who would it be and why?

FN: Catherine Baba (the best dressed woman in Paris) I lover her work and her aura. She has captured lightening in a bottle as stylist.

FA: You have got fans, blog followers and readers who would like to be like you, what would you say to them in three words?

FN: Strive to be different (thats four words hey?)

FA: Thanks and Good Luck!

‘Romola Sadiq

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