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10 ”HauTe Trends” To Know: JoBurg Fashion Week [Autumn/Winter 2011]

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One of the biggest and most anticipated Fashion Shows in Africa (Jo’burg Fashion Week) was held last week in Jo’burg,South Africa  featuring a number of home-grown/international South African designers. The most amazing part of this event was the opportunity that given to recently graduated designers to showcase their work, a whole day [Fast Track Day]was dedicated to young designers who have just graduated Fashion Design school  -based in SA- . Jo’Burg Fashion week 2011 focused A/W 2011 Collections. See trends below:

1. Sunshine in the Snow:

Don’t tuck away your sunglasses after Spring/Summer, you will be needing it in the winter!! Says Errol Arendz and Loin Cloth & Ashes as upset the status quo of just accessorizing their models with chunky scarves & snoods, as opposed to that they have opted for the unexpected – Sunglasses!

L-R { Errol Arendz, Loin Cloth & Ashes}

2. My Fair Lady:

It was ‘The lady Season’ during Jo’burg fashion week, a lot of the designers featured pieces that were very lady-like; Preppy-esque jackets, waist-clinching dress and pieces that are flattering for all shapes. This was very much on trend for the Fall 2010 season, we suppose it’s rolled it’s way into 2011! – Good Times- . Nothing else could beat the ”lady-era” going on at Abigail Betz and at Grapevine.

L-R { Grapevine, Abigail Betz}

3. Full-Skirted:

Just like in the 50s/60s and asides the lady-like vibe, Jo’Burg gives us Voluminous, Swirly silhouettes –Full Skirts. The designers show that whether worn in the minimalist way Bongiwe Walaza or going all out as shown in Thula Sindi, Full skirts will be a huge part of your wardrobe in the A/W season.

L-R { Bongiwe Walaza, Thula Sindi}

4. Sheer Action:

Sexy without being slutty, very sexy in a subtle way. Season after season, year after year we witness the recurrence of Sheer on the runway. We love the transparent action and how it was layered in Kluk CGDT, Thula Sindi, Avant.

L-R { Kluk, Thula Sindi, Avant}

5. FUR:

The A/W season will be incomplete without some fur. Top trend last Fall, still proving to be the coolest way to stay warm in the Autumn/Winter as seen at Errol Arendz, Spero Villioti, Abigail Betz .

L-R { Errol Arendz, Spero Villioti, Abigail Betz}

6. Feathered Goodness:

The Black Swan? Feathers add that fairy-tale, whimsical feel to the runway. Top trend in Fall 2009, Graduate Designer Minette Meyer & Spero Villioti have found ‘a happy place’ in feathers!! We are getting feathered-up in the winter, thanks to JFW.

L-R { Minette Meyer, Spero Villioti}

7. Love in the Safari:

Following the completion of any Fashion Show/event in Africa, having the Animal print trend evident is almost or inevitable. This myth/fact of ours was proven again this year as Animal Print fabrics were seen on the runway during JFW. See below at Thula Sindi, Kluk, Tart .

L-R { Thula SindiKlukTart}

8. La-La-Romance:

Bridal Couture? Flowy, delicate flouncy pieces; somewhat fairy-tale inspired, Makes us wonder is Romance the new edgy? See David Tlale, Abigail Betz and Kluk CGDT make Romance/Fairy-tale A/W 2011 worthy.

L-R { David Tlale, Abigail Betz, Kluk CGDT}

9. Leather & Bustiers:

Joburg Fashion Week proves that Leather is still very much in ‘fash-existence’ . With soft, well-structured leather on the runway at JFW, emphasizing that leather isn’t just for the tough ones and without being over the top sexy leather is the business! See Jessica Sutherland, Tart and Lisp below

L-R { Jessica Sutherland, Tart, Lisp}

10. Fringy Benefits, Frilly Search & Ruffle Trouble:

Frills, Fringed Hemlines & Ruffles. As seen at Graduate Designer Jessica Sutherland, David Tlale Melita Ngoasheng below

L-R { Jessica Sutherland, David Tlale, Melita Ngoasheng}

Stay HauTe!


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