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Fashionable Friday with N.Splendide: How to Outshine The Bride at Her Wedding.

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Wait! Stop and think for a second before we all get carried away. Why would anyone want to outshine a bride at her own wedding anyway? And whose brilliant idea was it to write such a silly article in the first place? Considering I’m getting married soon, I never should have even remotely taken a crack at putting ideas in the minds of my fellow women. But then again, I fear nothing, because it is one thing to wish and it’s another to deliver on our wishes. So for all the women out there who might definitely want to try, I will genuinely love to see the attempt, and sure hope its a remarkably fashionable one at that, and as you know it’s wedding season all over the world (well, it’s always wedding season in Nigeria!), and today especially marks the Fairytale of ALL wedding; Prince William getting married to the lately-so stylish Kate!

I digress, back to you.

I know looking for a suitable dress can be nerve-racking considering all the “dont’s” that you must adhere to:

“Don’t show too much flesh…”, “Don’t look too sexy…”, “Don’t dress like a hip hop video vixen…” “Don’t wear a white dress….” The list goes on. Weddings are after all formal events and should be attended in formal attire.

Having been to my fair share of society weddings in Nigeria, I must confess that far too many Nigerian women are clueless about what to wear to weddings. The level of fashion criminality at such weddings is staggering and quite simply deplorable and unacceptable. Forgive my naivete, but last time I checked, weddings are not the best of places to give the world full view of thongs, nipples or whatever other part of one’s anatomy which ought to be reserved for a Studio 54 photo album (that extraordinary and notorious 70’s/80’s era discotheque in New York).

Yes, ‘classy’ and ‘trashy’ both consist of six letters of the alphabet, but that’s where the similarity ends.

Phew! Now that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s get back to you and me (being decent and law abiding citizens of fashion. Right?)

Now, let’s get one thing straight; YES, the bride should be the centre of attention. BUT then again, it is possible you fall into the category of either:

a.      The Groom’s Ex-girlfriend (a.k.a “It should be me standing up there with ……  ……………”);
b.      Someone that’s just envious of the bride for no apparent reason;
c.      Just a beautiful creature that loves dressing up and would rather or possibly unknowingly outshine the bride anyway by just being, well, YOU!

I’d like to think that you fall into the third category.

When invited to a wedding, my thought-process heads along the lines of long dresses, (although granted, some short dresses are much easier to pull off especially as the style and theme of the wedding might permit.

Being a fashionista, your first thoughts on receiving an invite whether verbal or formal is “what am I gonna wear?” Your second thoughts are, “what are the colors?” And this is where your plot begins. Its always cute to wear the said colors but you and I know you are not outshining anyone in those colors. Evil as this might sound, I will suggest going for a dramatic and radically different color and standout from the rest of the ladies in waiting, or not…

I favor two options. The first of which should be much easier to pull off if you are a woman with great curves, as most of us believe we are, and just as many of us actually aren’t. This option allows for your body, your walk, and that great… maybe red dress do all the work for you. I’m speaking of the gorgeous Victoria Beckam-Esq, form fitting, below the knee, plunging back stunner almost reminiscent of what British Socialite Tara Palmer Tomkinson (fondly called TPT) arrived in for the Royal Wedding.

There is nothing more flattering than showing up late at the wedding, dress holding you in all the right places, shoes so high you are sometimes scared for your own safety, strutting it straight down the center of the festivities to the cozy decorated sitting area of the bride and groom, where you manage to say congratulations with the ritual gesture of cheek kisses, knowing fully well just about every girl in the room is thinking to themselves, “who the hell does she think she is?” But with a smile on their faces at the same time and the bride is no exception. In fact, the bride is even more scared by the idea that her beloved groom has taken the time to savor the sight of your well moisturized skin, highlighted by the never-ending plunge on the back of your dress as you walk away. Picture that.

The second basically entails all that fierce attitude that comes with the first option, but just a little more subdued. This time, wearing a beautiful maybe pastel gown with a train that will almost panic the bride to look around in hopes of making sure everyone was actually here for her, and not you.

Have you ever worn a dress and thought yourself a princess, even if it was a dress you could not afford but just decided to try it on anyway, just to feel royal for a moment? That’s the dress I’m talking about here, and that’s assuming you can actually afford that dress. With shoes just as high, but enveloped by the drapery of the chiffon and silk that flawlessly trail you as you walk around the room a little more than you need to. This dress calls for all the glorious and glamorous swan-like hand movements that would easily be reminiscent of Natalie Portman reprising her ballerina role in a sequel to Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, assuming she didn’t do a good enough job in her Oscar winning performance in the first installment.

It will give me nothing but pleasure to see Nigeria’s Social Elite pull off such stunner looks. Are you up to the task?

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