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“L’AMOUR Fou” [Documentary on Yves Saint Laurent]

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The public life of Yves Saint Laurent was an extravagant spectacle, as a design prodigy and then the grand coutourier of a fashion empire, he influenced fifty years of style and was an icon to millions — but few are familiar with the private life of the legend. In Pierre Thoretton’s “L’Amour Fou,” Pierre Berge, the man with which YSL shared four decades of his life, reflects on the equally extravagant history of their personal relationship. Framed around the 2009 auction of the priceless, elaborate art collection amassed by Yves and Pierre personally over several decades, this extraordinary documentary provides an unprecedented look at the life of a mythic personality, whose personal life matched his public for elegance, decadence and passion. –

What I’d Love to do again is become young – YSL

+++++ The film is set to be released May 13th, 2011 and previewed next week at the Tribeca Film Festival.


One Little Dress at a Time: Little Dresses for Africa

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Little Dresses for Africa is a non-profit, Christian based organization which provides relief to the children of  Africa. Simple dresses are made out of pillow cases and distributed through the orphanages, churches and schools in  Africa to plant in the hearts of little girls that they are worthy!

Knowing the history of the girls in Africa and the difficult road that lay ahead, a small group of ladies returning from a short term mission trip to Malawi began to sew simple little dresses, made out of pillow cases, to be distributed to young girls through the orphanages in  Africa. It continues to grow as groups of all sizes spring up across America.  These groups cross age, gender and denominational lines to serve the most vulnerable of God’s children: little girls.  To date we have received dresses and donations from all 50 states across the USA and received well over 175,000 little dresses that have been distributed in 24 countries of Africa!  We have also been able to distribute dresses to countries in crisis, when requested, such as Honduras, Guatamala, Philippines, Mexico and Haiti, as well as right here in the US in the Appalachian Mountains and South Dakota. But more important than how many we have shipped, are the lives that they have touched. These dresses (and now also britches for boys!) go out as little ambassadors in the name of Jesus, to give hope to the children that receive them.


With Little Dresses for Africa there are many ways to provide help…from starting or hosting your own sewing group, sizing and packing little dresses, or donating financially toward shipping costs, such as boxes, tape, postage. Because we want to make sure they actually get to the children, the majority of our dresses are sent to mission teams here in the United States, to take with them on their short term mission trips. So, we are always very much need mission teams to agree to take the little dresses with them to distribute on their trips.  We can send you as many as you are able to take, in most instances.

For More Information: Website

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African-Inspired: Whitney Eve’s Fall 2011 Collection

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Whitney Eve clothing line owned by former The Hills star, Whitney Port recently unveiled it’s Fall 2011 collection which was strongly influenced by the star’s trip to Africa. Undeniably evident a la the geometric prints, vibrant colours and occasional warm earth tones.

Image Credit: WhitneyPort

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Spotted: Michelle Trachtenberg in Mimi Plange

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Who: Actress, Michelle Trachtenberg from Gossip Girl

Wearing: Victorian lace high neck blouse with rose beads by Mimi Plange [F/W 2011]

Where: On set at a shoot for Bullett Magazine


Mimi Plange Presentation during NYFW (F/W 2011)

+++ Recently…


Who: Singer and Actress, Vanessa Hudgens [ was Spotted]

Wearing: Single button metallic cream suit by Mimi Plange

Where: Conde Nast Traveller Hot List Party


ImageCredit: MimiPlange

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[Ford Models, NewYork] Supermodel Competition of The World in Nigeria.

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Calling for the attention of all female models in Nigeria within the ages of 14-21; Ford Modelling agency, New York is one of the biggest and most respected international modelling agencies and they have certainly produced some of the biggest supermodels around. This year, Ford Models in partnership with House of Jada [ Africa’s foremost Modelling Agency ] brings ”Supermodel of the World” competition to Africa [Nigeria]  where 3 models will be selected to represent Nigeria in New York this year for the global competition.

Each year, the international winner receives a $250,000 (US) modelling contract with Ford Models. In 2011, the winner will also become the face of L’Oreal Cosmetics, the retail cosmetics giant. Runners-up also receive modelling contracts with Ford Models for $150,000 (US) – 2nd place and $100,000 (US) – 3rd place.

Castings to take place from MarchMay 2011 across selected locations in Nigeria.

Fill the form HERE or send an email with your profile and various snapshots of yourself including at least one head shot (face only) and one bathing suit shot (full body – facing towards camera), to

For more information: E:

T: + 234 1 453 5886

See their website here

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Who’s HauTe? Interview with Mozambique Fashion Designer, Taibo Bacar.

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Mozambique native, Taibo Bacar is an award-winning talented designer with just a few years in the Fashion industry but is without a doubt taking it by a storm. We had a quick chat with Taibo Bacar discussing how the journey started, his Autumn/Winter 2011 collection, his take on the African Fashion Industry and where he thinks the brand his heading. Taibo Bacar also owns another brand ”Amalia’s Garden” he goes into detail about the brand and how it all started.
HFA: How did the brand, TAIBO BACAR come about?



TB: I began my career in 2005 when I gave my first step in the reds fashion awards designer competition, and then forward gave continuity to my work and the work already done by my mother for many years (she is a seamstress). I have always loved everything that connected the arts, then tried to develop the art that I knew best, and as I grew up around tissues, sewing machines, threads, needles, etc. Fashion was the first art that I felt safe to do … is something stronger than me, is something of the heart, it’s true, is without doubt the thing I love most , I do not do fashion, I am fashion . I just had to accept the gift that was born with me, I was born to be happy and I can only be happy doing fashion

Have you always know you were going to end up in fashion?

TB: Not entirely, and despite having spent my entire childhood playing with dolls, in various different times of my life I long for many other professions, so I ended up majoring in business administration and management, but was always stronger than me, has always been I like going out in stages in order to reach the  place where my heart craved more coming. Today I feel its all worth while, I am happy, and every day more accomplished, because deep down I feel that I encountered myself, and whenever I create, I feel as if you were to go back and I take care of my customers as I tended my dolls; yes, I am still a child, an adult child and I love to feel this way.

HFA: Did you formally train to be a fashion designer?


TB: No, I do not have any qualification in fashion, I am trained in business and studied for 2 yr Management IT … because these were the courses that myself and my family thought were viable to secure my future … during a season, I wanted to study fashion too, but unfortunately I could not because I did not have the support of my father to take this course and because I could not afford to pay for the course alone. Today, I already have the minimal conditions for me to pay for the course, but I’ve not got the time because my work stolen from me a long time and unfortunately in Mozambique there are no fashion schools, I would have to go overseas to study, but whenever I travel, I try to make small formations in the area of fashion and I have learned a lot from the university students coming from various parts of the world to do the internship in my studio with me.

HFA: Oh excellent! At what point did you make the decision to launch TAIBO BACAR? How has it been since launch?

TB: When I started studying business, I began to learn many things and opening my mind and I realized that I had a talent and could live my dreams and make money with them. I started looking at fashion as something very serious, as a result of income growth of a country, then I had a decision to invest and to work with the thing I love most. My success is due to the fact that I work smiling, I work like I’m playing, because even when I’m not in the studio, everything around me leads me to create, so they’ve gone 5years since the brand Taibo Bacar was released on the market, and from it, I have noticed a growth and a very big improvement in every way, but only last year (2010) I felt complete, because for the first time I presented a collection complete with all accessories brand TAIBO BACAR, from shoes, wallets, clothes properly. I feel I am more complete.

HFA: Why did you decide to specialize mainly in ladies fashion?

TB: It is without doubt the area where I feel more comfortable, I grew up making clothes for dolls, looking at the body of the customers of my mother, looking at women’s fashion magazine (Burda), feel the fabric of women, so is the area that I know better … I treat the female body by the name “you”, and when I create for women,it is as if I am in a conversation with them face to face, talking to create my drawings and feeling feminine side in me, it is magical, because it’s a different universe from mine. It is something exciting and I am passionate about women’s silhouette, it is beautiful, because I always try to exploit this woman’s body and always try to make this body be the more feminine possible but now with the brand’s growth, we are introducing the male line and the line for children soon.

HFA: How would you describe your  brand in one sentence?

TBHAPPINESS ; Happiness for those who consume it.

HFA: There are a number of designers/brand in Africa at the moment , what would you say gives TAIBO BACAR a standout factor?

TB: The world vision I have, the need to globalize Africa in particular Mozambique, and the assurance of my identity and the use of my identity in my creations. I am African, but I create for the world

HFA: How do u get inspired for your designs?

TB: I have paid attention to the Fashion trends, then I decide the theme for the collection looking at everything around me, then I write or read a poem with the collection theme, and I take it all the elements necessary for me to create. Always following the ideals of the brand and always being faithful to our line.

HFA: What your most recent collection called and what inspired this collection?

TB: “PARIS“- in honor of my European capitals of fashion visits and inspired by the poem “Paris” of Mozambican writer SONIA SULTUANE.



I listen to the rain outside pattering

On the steamed-up window of my bedroom

My loneliness awakes

Like thin sheets of ice

Dripping onto the flowerbeds of the Tuilleries gardens

Making transparent silhouettes

Without emotion

While I burn inside with desire

To warm your lovely face

Against the icy wind

I confess

That my hands though dead

From cold and passion

Are thirsty for your body

My soul seeks

In the lonely white-wrapped afternoon

The fire that is in you

To warm my heart.

Poem by: Sónia Sultuane



HFA: What do you love most about being a designer?

TB: The possibility to make money with dreams. I’m talking about my dreams and the dreams of those who consume the TAIBO BACAR’s brand. live to create and create to live…

HFA:What are the long and short term plans for TAIBO BACAR?

TB: Short  term – the launching of the male line and the line for children. Long term – opening the TAIBO BACAR’S store and TAIBO BACAR’S house bridal in Maputo and the expansion throughout Africa and some parts of Europe.

HFA: So tell us a bit about Amalia’s garden and how does it differ from TAIBO BACAR?

TB: Amalia’s garden is another brand I created for my company, its a  prêt-a-porter brand, for the sales to people with less conditions compared to my regular customers. It is a sales line available in our showroom, where the client does not need to have any contact with me, I created this line in honor of my mother who also is called Amalia. is a line that can be signed by me and by other designers who make part of the group TAIBO BACAR . TAIBO BACAR itself  is a line with a certain target audience, where most of these people have direct contact with me, is a line more suited to high fashion and special assignments or specific and  is without doubt a more expensive line and a target audience of upper middle class and upper class.

HFA: Is Amalia’s garden getting as much publicity as TAIBO BACAR? Why do you think that is?

TB: These are two completely different lines, few people know the brand Amalia’s Garden, even ones that are parts of this line, still unaware of a way, because until then my brands are very attached to me, I’m the brand at the moment, and because my name is TAIBO BACAR People end up knowing more TAIBO BACAR’s brand, by the way this all started and why my name was always heavier. but that’s changing because we began to separate things, and create marketing strategies so that people can know that there is a difference and that can consume the two markets in different ways, as a consumer I am much more  Amalia Garden than Taibo Bacar.

HFA: You were given the award of ‘best established designer’ during Mozambique fashion week , what did that mean to you think that has boosted your confidence as a designer?

TB: When I got this award, I felt I earned the trust of my sincere Mozambican people, and that was the beginning in order to conquer the African people and have the strength to get to win new steps and visit other boundaries, I felt closer to my mother because I could feel her pride and I needed it to be happy. and whenever I think of that moment, I feel like crying because it was an amazing moment, a moment I could only think of the people I love (my family, friends and the whole  TAIBO BACAR’s team), for me it was just the beginning, the start of the brand “Taibo Bacar”

HFA: At what level would you the fashion industry in Mozambique is at the moment?

TB: Fashion in Mozambique is growing, everyday we have more designers and more people interested in following the fashion business. Unfortunately we still have lack of many important components, such as, fashion photographers, fashion magazines, the buyers, the media, producers of fashion and much more. I believe that our talent is great and we will do a great difference in the fashion world, especially in Africa. I in the midst of all this I feel blessed, I feel I am helping my country to grow in this area, because I am an important pillar and I have done a lot for my country, I work hard in order to have quality products and very creative, and so I can make a difference. I’m happy with what I have done, because I know I just can not do more because I live in a country where fashion still has not much meaning and the resources are scarce, but surely TAIBO BACAR already part of the history of Mozambican fashion. I am one of the pioneers and it makes me very happy.

HFAWhere do you see African fashion in a few years? At what level and how well do you think we will be doing at that point?

TB: In a few years I see the African fashion at a level too high, because I can feel that we will be safer and have more support from our African people , I feel that people will start to consume a lot more to fashion made by ourselves and each day we will have more professionals working in that area. Africa is in fashion, and consume things done in Africa, by Africans, will also be increasingly in vogue; fashion made by Africans has everything to win, mainly because our history that serves as a great base for our inspirations. We have many products for use in Africa, the cultures are diverse and different minds, and these differences between us will be the big reason for our success, we need only to be united, to study more, and to invest a lot so that we can create with quality and  above all, responsibility; we are the people of tomorrow, we will be a continent of success.

HFA: What top African designer (s), do you admire  their work and drive at the moment?

TB: As creator, this time I’m in love with the brand TAIBO BACAR, because I think that my brand has been a source of great joy for me and is in the process of discovery, so I have had all eyes turned to her and no doubt because it portrays well as I would if I were a woman. Naturally there are designers that I enjoy by various factors, such as the “David Tlale” for being my friend, I admire the strength that he has the courage and boldness.  I also like “Soucha”  for the same reason and taste of several Nigerian designers for quality of work and by movements of fashion made for them. Both Nigerians and South Africans, it helped to develop the African fashion and make it be known and deserve much applause. Now, as a consumer, right now I’m in love with the brand “STIAAN LOUW”, I watched the last show of them and fell in love.

HFA: Any famous designer that inspire your work in any way or that you look forward to working in the near future?

TB: All the famous designers are important to me, each for a particular reason. And the existence of all of them was or is important in my work. they all serve to me as a source of inspiration both for my collections, and for me as a person and professional and even the composition of my shows. Thanks to them all for helping to develop FASHION.

HFA: Further information you want to pass on to readers? Projects? Fashion shows? New collection?

TB: In the fashion world everything is uncertain because everything ends up being part of a world of dreams and surprises, where reality must be the consumption of a product called fashion, so to finish I leave  my life philosophy:

We need to be happy, and for that, we need personality, elegance and glamour. I’m talking about dreams, about being above ordinary,  I’m talking about fashion world… Hard work is important and you must reinvent your creativity. Be yourself and believe in yourself… Then everything is possible. TRUST IN YOU… DRESS TAIBO BACAR



Romola Sadiq

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Film, Print & Fashion: Top {African-Inspired} Fashion Memoirs

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In the recent times, African-Inspired  Fashion has become one of the most talked about influences around. African Designers aside, film producers, art directors, creative directors and designers of no African Descent whatsoever are being Inspired by African Fashion day in day out and does bring tons of glee to our hearts to see these. See below some of our references.



Film & Television

Coming to America ( 1988) : This scene from one of the biggest films of the 80s has all sorts of African Fashion written all over it, looking closely at the pieces worn by the women, it touches most parts of Africa; particularly Eastern and Western Africa. [ Pay strict attention to the headgears and exaggerated sleeves]


Green Acres ( 1965) –  Even dating back to the 60s? As seen on Eddie Albert in this video still, bathrobe made out of African Fabric.


Magazines & Newspapers


New York Times Magazine ( 2007) – In 2007, NYTM concluded that ”BlackPower” was ruling the runways and they came up with an editorial shoot ”African Queen” with Liya Kebede as the model portraying the essence and beauty of being African.  [ That Iro and Buba-esque piece is amazing!]


TIME Magazine (2009) – In a shoot that was tagged ”Out of Africa” , this top magazine in 2009 paid tribute to all things Tribal, with layers and layers of prints, head wraps and stacks of bangles, jewelleries and such. The shoot featured Dominican model, Arlenis Sosa




Junya Watanabe (2008) – This Japanese designer at his Spring 2009 show, presented models wearing pieces made out of African motifs, exaggerated headwraps and an evident reflection that he had made a trip to Africa.

Dries Van Noten (2009) – Belgian designer during Paris Fashion Week in 2009 unveiled a collection [Spring 2010] that appeared to be (for nearly half of it) Tribal & African-Inspired. A few Khangas and Ankaras here and there.


– Romola Sadiq

ImageCredit: Afroklectic for Green Acre Photo

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Fashizblack Magazine: The Afro-Luxury Issue

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Skirt: Jewel by Lisa

Fashizblack is France’s top online magazine that supports African Fashion strongly, they have featured international celebrities in previous issues of the magazine sporting pieces by African designers [See Solange Knowles’ feature in September 2010 here]. Their recently launched Issue for April 2011 {The Afro-Luxury Issue} features: An Insider’s take on the African Luxury industry, exclusive interview with one of Africa’s top designers; David Tlale, Spring trends, Editorials shot in Paris, London and The U.S.  See few images below:

Front Cover

As Photographed by: Manuel Brule

Styling: Calvin Nymon

Art Direction: Paola Ndengue

Flip through Fashizblack Magazine here:


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12 ”HauTe Trends” To Know: SA Fashion Week [Spring/Summer 2011]

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Evidently, we can’t get enough of Fashion Weeks in Africa, the recently concluded SA Fashion Week left us asking for more. We were drooling over the pieces and the sartorial bliss dished out on the runway; the models were stunning as per usual, the styling for most of the designers was certainly beyond natural and of course the designers pull their weights leaving everyone far beyond impressed. We spotted a number of trends in those 3 days of SA Fashion Week and thought we’d share you 12 Top Trends from the shows.


Dresses et Trousers:

There is wearing dresses and there is pairing trousers with tees, blouses and such but at SA Fashion Week, they upset the status quo and paired dresses with trousers; think Indian Kaftans meet high fashion.

L-R { MantshoAmanda Laird Cherry}


– Easy Breezy Beautiful

Pieces with swinging tails as seen below. Nothing too wedding-ey just stylish pieces with a little movement and length attached the lower end of the back giving it a bit of a swing with movement.

L-R { Rubicon – Joel Janse van Vuuren}

– Code: MIDI

Ditch the minis and maxis, Midis have taken over.. as seen as Christopher Strong and Black Coffee below


L-R {Christopher Strong – Black Coffee}


This is has been such a huge trend for a couple of years now and it keeps recurring on the runway, and NO, we are not mad at that. Love us some high-shine!

L-R {Black CoffeeGugulam}

Meshy Situation

Mesh, Mesh and More mesh; don’t fail to exaggerate with mesh this season. P.S Mesh was also a big trend during AMFW in Lagos.

L-R {GugulamRubicon}

Drawstrings and Ribbons

Skinny Belts and Obis are long gone, rock on Ribbons. Draw Strings. Tassels, they are apparently a lot cooler than we thought. We are particularly loving the drawstring on that Nude Lunar number below.

L-R {MantshoLunar}


Ombre Silk Dyeing

Lush Much? We thought so.. We love the richness and femininity that encompasses these, monochromatic colours in dye. YUM! As seen at Joel Vanse van Vuuren and Lunar below

L-R {Joel Janse van Vuuren – Lunar}


Nothing beats being a standout in the summer with Neutral tones when everyone is sporting bright colours. SA Fashion Week taught us a lesson or two about Neutral tones. See below.

L-R {Leigh Schubert – Colleen Eitzen}

70’s Glam

Forget whatever you’ve heard about Boho Fashion or the 70s, Bohemian-isnpired blouses, high waisted wide-leg trousers and such are big at the moment, this fact was further emphasized during SA Fashion Week.

L-R {Kottin & Twille – Mabu}

Sheer Factor

Just like mesh, sheer is starting to gain the upper hand (Trend Wise); NYFW, AMFW, JFW and now SAFW overdosed on sheer without attempting to look trampy, certainly no harm in showing some skin. We love it.

L-R {Clive Rundle – Hoiden}

– It’s Black, It’s White

We love how Black and White gained grounds during SA Fashion Week, particularly how Hoiden and Gert Johan Coetzee made the combination look so glam.

L-R {HoidenGert Johan-Coetzee}


We are very pleased that we don’t have to wait till winter to bring Fur-Drama to the streets, we’ll have some Feathers please, for summer. In all stunningness, we promise feather looks fancier when its a detail on the outfit.

L-R {Smarteez – Elme Bekker}

+++ For pictures from ALL the shows during SA Fashion Week, see HERE

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”The Mirror Girls”: New African Woman Magazine Issue 9, April/May {Pieces by African Designers}

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April/May 2011 editorial shoot for New African Woman Magazine Issue 9 inspired by Nollywood Movie ‘Mirror Boy’ featuring models wearing pieces by African designers; see ordered list of who’s wearing what below.

+++ Left-Right :::

Model 1: Jacket & trousers: Kiki Kamanu

Trousers by Kiki Kamanu as seen on Model at AMFW


Model 2: Aso OkeJacket & trousers: Kemkem Studio

Head wrap: IAMISIGO

Aso Oke Jacket and Trousers by Kem Kem Studio as seen on Models at AMFW


Model 3: Colour block smock & Cropped trousers: Grey

Aso Oke handbag: Kemkem Studio

Colour Block Smock by Grey as seen on Model at AMFW


Model 4: Jacket & trousers: House of Nwocha

Mini clutch bag: Jewel By Lisa



Jacket & Trouser by House of Nwocha as seen on Model at AMFW


Model 5: Lace dress: House of Nwocha

Neck piece: Anita Quansah

Head wrap: IAMISIGO


Lace Dress by House of Nwocha as seen on Model at AMFW


Model 6: Dress: Viv La Resistance 

Neckwrap worn as waist coat: Kiki Kamanou


Dress by Viv La Resistance as seen on Model at AMFW

Model 7: Dress: Viv La Resistance

Dress by Viv La Resistance as seen on Model at AMFW


Model 8: Maxi Dress: Grey

Floor Length Dress by Viv La Resistance as seen on Model at AMFW

Editorial Sheet Credit: Ola Shobowale

Photoshoot by Toni Tones

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