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Cape Town Fashion Week 2011 [Day 3] – Stefania Morland

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Stefania Morland – #CTFW 2011

A magical runway, if there ever was! Paper birds fluttering about set the stage for a resplendent show case from Stefania Morland. The audience were transported into another world not just by the ambience of the collection but the designs which were inspired by the grace and elegance of birds from the dove to the famingo to peacocks. She rightfully illustrated this with light textures like satin, sheer fabrics and feathers. Leather, sequins and beads were used to adorn the pieces and replicate the beauty and etherealness of birds. There’s a very obvious pièces de résistance here. Wonder if you can spot it?…

– Andie Okon

Photo Credit: SDR for AFI {Simon Deiner}

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