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Volvo and Fashion Unite: African Fashion Designers for New Campaign

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Volvo and fashion unite. Volvo hosted an exquisite fashion event in Sandton showcasing three of their designer vehicles, in collaboration with the three top fashion designers in South Africa.

Aiming at generating hype and excitement around its latest campaign, Volvo cars threw in some fashion and design elements to ‘capture the imagination of South Africans.’ A nice combination you think, so do we – especially when it involves some of HauTe’s very own favourite African designers. Gert-Johan Coetzee, David Tlale and Nkhensani Nkosi (Stoned Cherrie), were given the opportunity to design fashionable items around Volvo that would “… make life in their Volvo easier, more fun, sexier or safer…”

Nkhensani Nkosi of Stoned Cherrie

Talking about the exterior of her XC60, Nkhensani said that “we wanted to give it a Stoned Cherrie feel, so we used elements of the aesthetic usually associated with the brand”. As such, Stoned Cherrie logos, daisies and an eye-catching shade of burnt orange adorned her Volvo.

For the interior of her car, Nkhensani and her team made use of Stoned Cherrie headrests, daisies embroidered on the seats, and a customized embroidered steering wheel to achieve her desired look and feel. She said that “we have had so much fun customizing this car, and I don’t think there is anything that I would have done differently. Every creative process has got its ups and downs and challenges, but that is part of the process. When you pour your heart and soul into something, you are always going to be satisfied with the result”.

 David Tlale

David Tlale’s accessories were “designed to exude power and presence without pretense, just like the Volvo S60. We achieve these high-end finishes thanks to unparalleled craftsmanship and the use of exquisite materials”. His versatile unisex black trench coat is “slick, beautiful, elegant and timeless – attention to detail is key, and this itemallows the owner to carry the style of the S60 with them wherever they go”. According to David, “the S60 evokes passion and a sense of pure luxury, which hopefully came through in each of my accessories. This challenge has been a beautiful experience and has given me a whole new perspective on Volvo as a brand. Volvo is not just a brand of car; it is a lifestyle that can be incorporated in every sphere of life”.

Gert-Johan Coetzee

According to Gert-Johan, “this challenge allowed me to push the boundaries of design. When I first got into my Volvo C30 my first thoughts were of the power, safety and design aesthetics of the car”. One of his accessories included a black and white houndstooth-themed laptop bag, tray, Volvo-inspired USB flashdrive and mouse. These items were aimed at “creating a fashion forward, unique corporate identity than conceptualizes fashion and business. The tray comfortably fits onto your lap when sitting in your car doing last minute touches on your presentation, and the USB-powered mouse is nifty for those in a hurry”. Gert-Johan also designed minimalistic, simple and sophisticated Volvo-inspired cufflinks and black leather belts “because these are the things that can bring an outfit together”.

Their work was progressively captured with snippet photos and videos on and ranges from a beautiful trench coat to laptop bags and a portable braai, medical kits, handbags, CD holders and more. So why is Volvo forging such an alliance for this campaign? They claim that their main aim is to demonstrate that each and every Volvo is “…designed around you…” with everyday people at the centre of Volvo’s interests and endeavours.

The big event took place on 18th August and you can feast your eyes on their gorgeous presentations right here!

Volvo Fashion Finale: 18th August 2011

A little bit of Scandanavian motoring and strong African fashion flair = amazing.


~Amy Iheakanwa.

Image and Info Credits: Volvo on Facebook and AutoWorld

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