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Trend Report: New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012

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After all has been unveiled and catwalked, after Fashion Week comes the trends; from Duro Olowu to Tsemaye Binitie, these designers have with their cohesive collections, been able to work with similar colours or prints or fabrics by chance.  Here are few of the hot trends we spotted on the runway during NYFW! Maxis, florals, colours + more. We couldn’t get enough of what the designers had to offer at this years NYFW;

– Relaxed Tailoring: Think of yourself as more of a fitted fabric Fashionista? Well time to update the wardrobe, as relaxed, baggy tailored pieces are continuing to make their way through.Whether it be work or play, hiding the figure has never looked so good.

L-R {Kulk CGDT, Tsemaye Binitie, Mimi Plange}


– Print on print: Alas everyone, after witnessing the very creative collections by some of our very own, one can observe that it is no longer a ‘fashion sin’ (as it was thought for quite a while) to throw prints together when forming an outfit. JBL and Asibelua have demonstrated this quite nicely, making it look as effortless as breathing. We at HauTe solemnly swear by it.

L-R {Asibelua, Duro Olowu, Jewel By Lisa}


– Meet the Romantic  florists: As expected, floral prints and appliques were big on the runway for Spring/Summer 2012 and this time around they have been very tastefully done against pastel backgrounds like Duro Olowu and Lanre Da Silva.

L-R {Mimi Plange, Duro Olowu, Lanre Da Silva}


– Maxis seem to be a recurring trend that won’t be dropping off the ‘must have’ list any time soon. Tsemaye Binitie, JBL and Duro Olowu were just some of the designers who brought the casual yet classy and ‘dress it up, dress it down’ maxi looks fit for the spring season. Whether you are going for the standout number emblazoned with tribal print or the relaxed, everyday wear look – its a necessity in the wardrobe nonetheless.

L-R {Jewel by Lisa/Max Azria/Tsemaye Binitie}


– Banded Waist: No need to belt it up, these pieces give you a perfectly cinched waist with very flattering silhouettes.

L-R {Lanre Da Silva/Asibelua/Bunmi Koko}


– Barely there: Don’t be shy, show us what you’ve got! Designers like Jewel by Lisa, Lanre Da Silva and Tsemaye Binite want you to bare it, flaunt it and strut your stuff in intricate laces and delicate sheer pieces.

L-R {Lanre Da Silva/Tsemaye Binitie/Jewel by Lisa}

– Pencil, knee length skirts/dresses: Yet again we’re going back a couple of decades where the knee length pencil skirt was highly appropriate. Many of the designers demonstrate that this trend is still as classy and sexy as its mini equivalent.

L-R {Lanre Da Silva, Asibelua, Jewel By Lisa}

– Blocked Colours:

Hold up! Colour Blocking isn’t out of style yet; see below how Tsemaye and Pierre cleverly incorporated the much talked about trend in their S/S 2012 collection.

L-R [ Pierre Antoine Vettorello, Tsemaye Binitie, Bunmi Koko]

– Citrus-ey:

Tangerine [The Colour] was most definitely littered all over catwalks in NY this season, we are particularly loving how the designers below made a colour wheel out of  citrusey colours [Green,Orange,Yellow] making it even more desirable, tangerine/orange inclusive. Also, see how bright orange dominated the runway at Korto Momolu, Herve Leger and Duro Olowu at NYFW S/S 2012

L-R [ Lanre Da-Silva Ajayi, Farai Simoyi, Asibelua]

– Box of Pastels:

Welcome to the world of less saturated hues, as seen below at Herve Leger, Mimi Plange and Pierre Antoine Vettorello using powder-pigment-coloured fabrics with metallics and brights infused to give it a bit of a pop.

L-R [ Herve Leger, Mimi Plange, Pierre Antoine Vettorello]

Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow  [ Insert BLUE where you see Black] :

We love the unusual mix, wannabe-colour-blocking-attitude-but-not-quite-there edge and of course left us humming to Wiz Khalifa’s Black  Blue and Yellow (remixing it of course)

L-R [ Bunmi Koko, BCBG, Jewel by Lisa]

~Andie Okon, Amy Iheakanwa.

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