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Trend Report: MTN Fashion and Design Week 2011

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Plenty of colour is an understatement looking back on MTN Lagos Fashion and design week. Plenty of fresh fashion injections to the  event, with designers  proving to incorporate modern twists with plenty of traditional elements. Common trends among most designers also made their way through, demonstrating what’s particularly hot for the coming season.We’ve seen all the eras had their time once again to shine, though the 70’s era appears as the most prominent for the season.

So scour through your mums cupboard, and brush of the dust from her flares- its all coming back.


Floor lengths

L-R [Phunk Afrique, Xclamations, Kiki Kamanu]


High Waist

L-R [Odio Mimonet, Maki Oh, Grey]

Plush Pastels:

L-R [Sunny Rose, Kelechi Odu, Osibian]


Throw it in the Bagg-y

L-R [Koketso, JBL, Grey]

Yes to Yellow:

L-R [Amede, Sunny Rose, Grey]


Pick your print:

L-R [Sunny Rose,Odio Mimonet, JBL]


Frilly and fabulous:

L-R [Sunny Rose, Maki Oh, Grey]


Full on Flares:

L-R [Odio Mimonet, Amede, Kiki Kamanu]


Taking it back; Seventies heaven:

L-R [Kelechi Odu, JBL, Kiki Kamanu]


Minus a sleeve:

L-R [Grey, Bridget Awosika, Kiki Kamanu]


Hmmm Mini or Maxi?

 L-R [Maki Oh, Bridgit Awosika, Kiki Kamanu]


~Amy Iheakanwa


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