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SA Fashion Week 2012: [Day 3] Clive Rundle

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This collection in some aspects can be compared to the scenario of a woman running out of her burning house and throwing on every piece of clothing she can find to save it from the destructive flames. This is not a bad thing, but it shows that this was one eclectic, vibrant and excessive collection fit for those that love to catch the eyes of passer- bys. Many pieces while a little more relaxed and reflected a very Duro Olowu feel (such as the piece above where Rundle creatively threw various textures and prints together into wearable art as I would call it). The soft chiffons manipulated by various techniques and paired alongside heavy prints was very effective in my eyes. The colour palette was extremely wide and Rundle – regardless of so many clashing elements- managed to tie everything together very nicely for a consistent collection overall.

~Amy Iheakanwa

Photo Credit: Simon Deiner

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