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Zimbabwe Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 [Day 2, Duo 2]: Black Trash & Sabina Mutsvati

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Black Trash:

Ruffletastic! Looking through these pieces as the breezed down the runway, the sheer volume and creative focus thrown into the collection is palpable. While it seems like menswear has been swapped for womens’, one cannot deny that this collection is pure genius- arresting and attention grabbing. The collection featured blazers paired with bollowy pants, a colour palette of gold tones and layered patterns; the styling was somewhat theatrical and the designers were still able to put these individualistic pieces in to one cohesive collective burting with imagination.


Sabina Mutsvati:

The collection can get you swept away (literally) with its styling that made use of broomsticks. Careful consideration was definitely taken in the detailing of the pieces that feature not only these brooms but wooden geometric frames embedded in layers of fabric. We observed that ruffles and the uneven or dipped hem if you may, makes yet another appearance on the runway. The designer also made a few political statements with the incorporation of fresh leaves and empty soda bottles in some of the designer Рindicating his fashion consciousness and sensitivity to issues affecting the world.


Photo Credit: Simon Deiner

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