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Who’s HauTe: Interview with Creative Director, Fashion Editor, Stylist and Designer, Ugo Mozie.

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Ugo Mozie is a Nigerian born, now American based fashion stylist, magazine editor, fashion director and designer. He has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment/fashion, including Laz Alonso, Angela Simmons, Sex and the City 2 (movie) as well as the 51st Grammy Awards. Ugo Mozie has become one of the most successful African Fashion Creative’s of our time. At just 20, he is a successful entrepreneur and noted figure in the global fashion industry. With an unusual name and unique style to go with it, we get to know the man behind the extraordinary eye for fashion.

HFA: Your dress sense is quite interesting. How would you describe your style?

Ugo Mozie: I would describe my style as selfish. Selfish because l tend to always dress for myself. I wear what l feel is appropriate and put looks together from thoughts and inspirations l compile in my head.

HFA: What influences the way you dress?

Ugo Mozie: The way l dress is influenced by many things. I’m influenced by my Nigerian heritage, by the countries and places l visit and mostly from ancient cultures. The ancient Egyptians, Greek, and Middle Eastern definitely played a large role on my wardrobe this year.

HFA: Did you always want to work in the fashion industry?

Ugo Mozie: Yes. From a very young age I knew l was in love with fashion. From the first day of school in the 5th Grade to the Last day of High School I always worked toward being a fashion designer.

HFA: Do you have any formal training in fashion?

Ugo Mozie: I took a couple sewing classes when i was in High School but other than that i have no formal training in Fashion. I’m currently in school majoring in Public Relations and Advertising. I attend the Savannah College of Art and Design.

HFA: You have become a huge success in the fashion industry. What do you
think contributes to your success?

Ugo Mozie: I definitely give all credit to God, my parents, and my close circle of friends. God gave me the dream, my parents kept me on the right track in life, and my friends kept me motivated and inspired.

HFA: What’s a typical day in your life like?

Ugo Mozie: Another reason why I love my career is because each day is so different. Unlike a typical 9-5 no two days are alike. Some days may consist of designer showroom pulls, market appointments, and fittings. While others may consist of me being on set all day or being on a plane all day. Either way, I make the best of each day and take life every moment at a time.

HFA; I recently saw a picture of Shaun Ross wearing one of your designs. Who are some of your most loyal clients?

Ugo Mozie: Some of my most loyal clients include Chris Brown, Letoya Luckett and Sabi.

HFA: What can we expect from the next Aston Mozie Collection?

Ugo Mozie: Minimalistic, Monochromatic, Ready to wear menswear pieces.

HFA: What inspired you to launch the MC Agency?

Ugo Mozie: My style partner Daver Campbell and I started MC Agency about a year ago. Daver and I have a collaborated background in Creative Directing, Styling, Marketing, and Production so we decided to put it all together and start a creative fashion service agency.

HFA: Is there anyone you would still like to work with/style in the future?

Ugo Mozie; I would love to somehow work with Daphne Guinness, Andre Leon Talley, and Ozwald Boateng in the future.

HFA: The MC agency operates in Los Angele’s, New York and London. How do you manage to balance everything?

Ugo Mozie; I have a strong team of experts that help keep everything strong and running. If there is anything i personally cant do, a member of my team can execute it. Daver Campbell- Creative Directing, Zahra Ayub- Women’s fashion director, Mimi Garabet- Accessories Director, Brandy Allen- Beauty Expert.

HFA: I recently read a tweet linking you to the For All Women Network. What project (s) are you working on with them?

Ugo Mozie: I’m going to be working with FAWN TV creating fashion and style videos for there (their) network.

HFA: Are there any more exciting projects you are working on that we can look forward to?

Ugo Mozie: I’m blessed to have a career where every project I’m on is fun and exciting. There is so many amazing things coming out this fall, just keep following me and ill be sure to keep you posted.

HFA: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Ugo Mozie: The highlight of my career must be working with Larry King and His Wife Shawn for the Grammy’s this year. That day was a highlight not only because of whom i was working with, but the moment that was captured at the time of the fitting. We all found out about Whitney’s death together as we were prepping for the Clive Davis party. That moment will forever go down in history for me.


HFA: You seem to work extremely hard for someone your age. What are some of the things you had to sacrifice to be where you are today?

Ugo Mozie: Being my age and having the career l have is definitely a blessing. However, I was forced to grow up very quickly. Sometimes I wish I could just go home and live with my family again and other times I wish I could live a regular college campus life and party with my peers. However, I appreciate the path God has set for me and I wouldn’t trade it for anything the world.

HFA: Would you ever go back to modeling?

Ugo Mozie: I highly doubt it. I’m way too shy.

HFA: A few weeks back you tweeted something about working on a new Disney show. What can we expect from that?

Ugo Mozie: Expect Greatness ; )

HFA: I think a reality show about your life would be interesting. Have you ever considered doing one?

Ugo Mozie: I have considered a reality show but its like a love hate idea. I don’t know if I’m ready to put myself out there like that. But under certain terms and with a certain amount of control, l will definitely consider it.

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