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[HauTe TV] Frontier Fashion Episode 2: Arieta Mujay

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In this clip, Arieta Mujay; a 34 year old fashion creative, who has been working in fashion at various capacities for 15 years across the UK and Africa and is currently the Head of Pr at River Island UK.
Arieta Mujay
Most recently Arieta was selected to go on the 777 Tour with Rihanna and as such became an integral part of the team working closely with Rihanna to design her Rihanna for River Island collection, the London fashion week show and all the subsequent noise on the launch.
This ‘sode takes us backstage at Rihanna’s River Island fashion show and gives us a sneak peek of a day in her life, and features a lovely cameo from Sudan Model Ataui Deng:

Frontier Fashion is a web series from HauTe TV and 37th State focusing on the movements of prominent Nigerians in the fashion industry to enlighten and educate viewers on the progress and influences these individuals hold both home and abroad.

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