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South Sudan! Home to Many of Africa’s Top Fashion Models; Alek Wek, Ajak Deng, Ataui Deng, Grace Bol & Nykhor Paul is 2 Today! See the faces that have represented the Country.

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It’s so interesting to findout that countries are still as young as Two years old, but boy! Are we glad for independence, which south Sudan seceded from the Republic of Sudan in 2011.

Despite all it’s challenges especially from the Genocide, lack of good governance, and infacnt mortality rate (more than 2,000 mothers die for every 100,000 live births and 75 of every 1,000 babies will not survive to their first birthday, according to a humanitarian update. Last year, the UN treated 90,000 children for acute malnutrition.) South Sudan has undeniably given us the worlds top African Fashion Models, here are 5 of them whose faces you will often see on Runways, Campaigns & Covers worldwide. Ranging from Azzedine to Alaia.

We start with #1 – Alek Wek:


Read more about Alek Wek, HERE.

Ajak Deng:


Read More about Ajak Deng, HERE.

Ataui Deng:


Read More about Ataui Deng, HERE.

Grace Bol:


Read More about Grace Bol, HERE.

Nykhor Paul:


Read More About Nykhor Paul, HERE.

Happy Birthday South Sudan!

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