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About HauTe: combines gorgeous designs with world-class editorials; with a lively, engaging home page driven by alluring images and witty headlines, the site exploits the suitability and interactivity of the Internet. It’s a web portal features the works of African designers all around the world, exhibiting a taste for the cultural tempered with an appreciation of the varied degrees of influence by the west in today’s fashion.

The website’s Editorial Content today is run by a team of 5; Romola Sadiq, Andie Okon, Innocent Ndlovu, Tracey Akintola & Wadami Amolegbe started off as a magazine inspired by designers such Deola Sagoe, and websites such as in 2006 as a pet project and passion of its Editrix, Wadami to serve as a platform profile for African designers as an exposure in the fashion world. travels the world during Fashion Week, scouting African Fashion Designers which are then shared on the portal with daily Fashion Show Reviews as it spots the latest African Fashion Trends that can be immediately bought via it’s “Shop The Trend” Posts. Today it boasts the largest updated directory of African Fashion Designers and collections who are significant to the industry.

It also serves as a Fashion Resource point and platform to introduce new talent to the industry in its weekly Who’s HauTe Interviews and HauTe Route buying style options. It doesn’t stop there, to further promote and celebrate African Fashion Designers, it launched HauTe TV, directed by Bolaji Kekere – Ekun which chronicles African Fashion Personalities & Publications with beautiful visual of their fabulous editorial featuring African Fashion Designers. and it’s Editor’s have been featured in different publications; print and online such as The New York Times, International Herald Tribune & True Love SA to name a few.

HauTe has a commitment to be the platform profile for African designers as an exposure in the fashion world.

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