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Temple Muse hosts Pop Up Shop for Ituen Basi’s diffusion Line, ‘Ituen’.

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On the 1st of November, 2014… Nigerian Label Ituen Basi brightened up the finale of Lagos Fashion & Design Week with it’s Spring/Summer 2015 debut of its diffusion line, the Ituen collection was filled with yellows, measuring tapes, greens and buses as the bounced and skipped youthfully down the runway in big Red smiles.

Now, you don’t have to wait a whole season to get your hands on these very fun pieces, as Nigerian Luxury Lifestyle Concept Store, Temple Muse is hosting a Pop Up shop, opening with Ituen on Saturday, the 22nd of November:

Shop Ituen by Ituen Basi at Temple MuseThe diffusion line is a new addition for Temple Muse, that will compliment the current Ituen Basi Collection stocked alongside other Top African Fashion Brands like Iconic Invanity, Lemlem, Lanre DA Silva Ajayi, Tiffany Amber to name a few.

See the full collection, HERE.

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Not so Strange, another store owner fronts a Campaign, Yegwa Ukpo for Kenneth Ize S/S15.

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Seems like Store-owners are not leaving the campaigns for models anymore. After-all who can sell better than the owner?

Kenneth Ize

Lagos Fashion & Design Week Awards 2013 Runner Up, Kenneth Ize debuts his Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign right after its Fashion Week debut in Lagos shot by Lakin Ogunbanwo

The Campaign features 10 looks of Concept Boutique, Stranger’s founder Yegwa Ukpo.

Yegwa Ukpo

Kenneth Ize’s seminal new collection “Synchro System” is in the store next year. However, Stranger offers the opportunity to pre-order pieces before they arrive, giving you a chance to not only secure exactly what pieces you are after, but a 15% early order discount as well as get your own items before they are officially in the store.

Yegwa Ukpo for Kenneth Ize

Sample pieces from the Lagos Fashion & Design Week runway show in October are in the store (3 Hakeem Dickson, Lekki Phase 1) for viewing until pre-orders close.

Also, watch Strangers User Guide, shot by our very own Bolaji Kekere – Ekun of 37th State Below:

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Founder of Nigerian International Concept Store Alara’s Reni Folawiyo; Eku Edewor, Oluchi Orlandi, Nike Oshinowo & Tokini Peterside star as Everyday Women in ‘Lagos Rising’ Editorial.

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“Next month, Reni Folawiyo opens the doors to the eagerly anticipated Alara, an ambitious concept store in Lagos, housed in a landmark structure designed by starchitect David Adjaye. The official launch of the store isn’t until April, but in the meantime and an ongoing Salon, Folawiyo elaborated in an interview with more about Alara and about the women featured in its editorial shot by Nick Waplington:

Reni Folawiyo

There are some well-known brands that you’re planning to stock at Alara—Valentino, Dries Van Noten, Marni, Stella McCartney, etc.—but what else should people expect to find there?

Alara is an expression of myself—my travels, my interests. And it’s an expression of this place, how we live here. So there’s furniture from Moroso, the Italian brand, but also objects I’ve picked up in markets in, say, Turkey. We have designers from South Africa making furniture for us, baskets from women in Zimbabwe, scarves from Ethiopia, weaving and leather goods from Nigeria…

Eku Edewor

And in terms of the fashion? Maki Oh is one designer based in Lagos I know you’ll be stocking, but are there others who might be less familiar to people outside Nigeria?

Yes, Maki, of course, but also Tiffany Amber, Lanre da Silva Ajayi, Lisa Folawiyo, Ré Bahia, Tsemaye Binitie…Both in terms of the international brands and the ones from Lagos, I tried to choose based on our aesthetic. I’ve tended to go for brands that have a lot of work, a lot of color. It’s not about a streamlined look here. I love Jil Sander, but that’s not our aesthetic.

Oluchi Orlandi

Yet, looking at Nick Waplington’s photos, there is quite a variety in terms of how the women he shot dress. I mean, there’s Adesua Dozie, in her bright, patterned Stella Jean gown, and then on the other hand, someone like Ebi Williams, very laid-back, wearing a pair of Dries shorts, or Eku Edewor in all-white Simone Rocha. And lots of Duro Olowu, I noticed. So there’s a range, but do you believe there’s a kind of overarching “Lagos style,” the way people think of there being a New York look?

I’m not sure if I can put it in words. As a people we’re very expressive, and so therefore we’re quite embellished. And so Lagos style, it is quite adorned, and most of the designers here, you find that going through their work. We wear a lot of color, a lot of beading. That’s why Duro does so well here—he’s from Nigeria originally, of course, and I think you see that expressiveness in his clothes. And the Alara woman, she connects with that.

Nike Oshinowo

In her story for, the writer Uzoamaka Maduka talks about the fact that Nigerian luxury consumers do most, if not all, of their shopping abroad. They’re quite a force for retailers to reckon with, in fact. For these women, what will they get from Alara that they won’t get from, say, hopping a flight to London and heading to Selfridges?

We know her lifestyle. We know her life. That’s the difference. For example, Nana Otedola is, of course, a supremely elegant woman—a woman of the world. She could shop anywhere, but she’ll shop at Alara because the store is for her. And women like her. Or Adesua [Dozie]—here’s a woman, she has a prominent husband, but she also works, she has her own powerful position with GE, and she travels all the time, to West Africa or Atlanta, and it’s hectic. She lives on a plane. Now, we know what she’s juggling in a day, and things like, well, if she’s going to see her mother-in-law, she needs something to wear on her head. It’s not like walking into Selfridges where, yes, there’s a lot to choose from, but from the store’s perspective, she’s another corporate woman coming in to buy a suit. Or maybe a cocktail dress for a special occasion. We know she needs those things, but we understand more than that, too.

Tokini & Dundun Peterside

Lagos is really emerging as an international capital—of commerce and of culture, as well. And in the meantime, as you point out, the “Alara woman” is herself something of a global citizen, a hyper-busy professional wired into the international grid. I wonder how that has affected the sensibility of some of the younger women in your clientele—women who grew up in the midst of that, as opposed to pioneering the changes?

Well, when I look at my generation—and let me say, our mothers worked, too, although of course they weren’t hopping on planes all the time—what I think is, in a way, we had to go away, and then come back and see what we could do. Whereas this new generation, they seem to want to grow from here. They’re very connected to Lagos, to their heritage. You see that in people like Temi DollFace and Eku [Edewor], creative girls who are really the face of young Lagos. It’s a very creative generation—I think that’s what they’ve added, especially, a sense of creativity. And they want to create here and explode—let the rest of the world discover them, rather than the other way around. I think they feel like it’s their time.

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… and the winners of the 5th Annual African Fashion Awards, 2014 are.

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The awards for the 5th annual African Fashion Awards (AFAs) took place yesterday, November 2nd, 2014 at the Melrose Arch, Johannesburg, with contenders coming from as far afield as South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Italy for the glittering event, recognising and celebrating exceptional achievement in fashion, modelling, retail and other clothing-and-textiles-related arts from Africa and its diaspora.

The winners were selected by an esteemed panel of judges including former ELLE South Africa editor & iconic fashion influencer, Jackie Burger; UNISA Director of VC Projects and Advisor to the Principal, Professor Puleng LenkaBula; Zambian-born, London-based journalist and Editor of New African Woman magazine, ReGina Jane Jere; Marie Claire South Africa editor, Aspasia Karras; and Africa Creative Collective Founder, Arieta Mujay.

With the exception of the AFI Young Designer of the Year – who was chosen from amongst the three AFI Fastrack™ 2014 Winners.

And the Winners for the 5th Annual Africa Fashion Awards are:

Designer of the Year:

Marianne Fassler

  • Marianne Fassler (South Africa), critically acclaimed and multi-award-winning fashion stalwart who continues to surprise and delight after 20 years in the industry.

Emerging Designer of the Year:

  • Laduma Ngxokolo (South Africa), for his Xhosa-heritage-inspired knitwear brand, currently taking international fashion by storm, MaXhosa by Laduma.

Accessory Designer of the Year:

  • Katherine-Mary Pichulik (South Africa), for Pichulik, a bespoke label of hand-crafted neckpieces accessories.

Outstanding Trend Communicator:

Gaschette Magazine

  • Gaschette Magazine (South Africa), a digital fashion publication launched by creative trio, Colin O’Mara Davis, Steve Marais and Jessica Lupton.

Model of the Year:

Favour Lucky

  • Favour Lucky (Nigeria), MBFWAfrica 2014 model and Nigeria’s Next Supermodel 2011. (Isis Models)

Outstanding Contribution to African Fashion:

  • Omoyemi Akerele (Nigeria), founder of Lagos Fashion & Design Week and the founding artistic director of Style House Files, a creative development agency for African designers.

Young Designer of the Year: (AFI Fastrack™ 2014 Winners)

Richi Minsi

  • Rich Mnisi

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Lagos Fashion & Design Week Spring/Summer 2015 [Day 4] : Tiffany Amber

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Tiffany Amber

Review to follow shortly


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Lagos Fashion & Design Week Spring/Summer 2015 [Day 4] : Lanre Da Silva Ajayi

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Lanre Da Silva Ajayi

There was something very Magnum-y about the L.D.S Rock Delight Spring 2015 showcase. And it doesn’t come as a complete surprise considering the collection was named ‘Rock Delight’, after an ice cream/chocolate. The colours; shades of brown, magnum gold and green against smooth shiny fabrics. When it was short it was sexy and chic and when it was long it was graceful and still chic. I’m obviously no female but this collection was certainly designed for the modern day woman who loves a little glam sparkle but with also a relatable toned down side. It was a story of a woman dressing it up and down in captivating patterns.

Dresses, skirts and tops came in rather familiar shapes. But what made it exciting you might be wondering. Well, the silhouettes might have been usual, but they came in flower applique techniques and different cracked tile patterns. The tiles came in different sizes and shapes, in both standalone and mix and match mode.  A bed of bright coloured flower dresses versus a sea of colour related blocks all cleverly mashed up into one garment. The Audrey shift dress (look 19) was one of my many favourites.

It rocked and yes it was indeed delightful!


Innocent Ndlovu is Menswear Fashion Editor of HauTe Fashion Africa,  who also reports on women’s wear. Follow him on Twitter @IamInnocentN and Instagram @innoegram.

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Lagos Fashion & Design Week Spring/Summer 2015 [Day 4] : Okunoren Twins

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Kehinde Okunoren

A Tribute collection to late Nigerian Designer, Remi Lagos.


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Lagos Fashion & Design Week Spring/Summer 2015 [Day 4, Duo 2] : Bridget Awosika | Ejiro Amos-Tafiri

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Bridget Awosika

Review to follow shortly



Ejiro Amos-Tafiri

Ejiro Amos - Tafiri

Review to follow shortly


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Lagos Fashion & Design Week Spring/Summer 2015 [Day 4, Duo 1] Wana Sambo | Meena

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Wana Sambo

Review to follow shortly





 Review to follow shortly


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Lagos Fashion & Design Week Spring/Summer 2015 [Day 4] : Ade Bakare

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Ade Bakare

Review to follow shortly


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