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It’s Official! Jewel By Lisa, shall now be known as Lisa Folawiyo.

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We got a hint of some changes, when (then) Jewel By Lisa’s Creative Director, Lisa Folawiyo was invited as a Special Guest at the ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative, ‘Beat of Africa’ show during Alta Roma Fashion Week in Italy, where a capsule collection was shown named ‘Lisa Folawiyo“, which happened on the 15th of July, 2014.

Lisa Folawiyo

In a press release statement on the 1st of September, 2014 announcing the brands first solo debut on the 6th of September, 2014 during New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 shows in New York City’s Ladurée SoHo. The Lagos-based designer says the change comes in an effort to greater align the brand name with the brand aesthetic, and that the new brand – Lisa Folawiyo remains under the Jewel By Lisa Group.

Over the years, Lisa Folawiyo has presented the Jewel by Lisa collection on numerous international platforms including; the Vogue Talents Exhibition in collaboration with Vogue Italia in Milan, Pitti W Tradeshow in Florence, Lagos Fashion and Design Week in Lagos, Nigeria, and Arise Magazine collectives at the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week.

 “I have received such immense support from the early stages of my career, both home and abroad – this has created a platform for my brand to be viable outside of Nigeria.  Many years later, I am thrilled to be embarking on my first solo show in New York and announcing the rebranding of the collection,” Lisa Folawiyo.

The Lisa Folawiyo collection is designed and manufactured in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Omoyemi Akerele, Osei Duro, Chalya Shagaya, Thula Sindi join Supermodel Oluchi Orlandi as she hosts the inauguration of LPM Africa in Lagos, Nigeria.

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For 5 years, Le Petit Marche – The Little Market, birth in Nigeria to mirror the popular Portobello Market in London has been a shopping favourite since its launch in 2009, it has successfully gathered the best of the city’s high street fashion brands and Fashionistas – monthly all under one roof, since its launch, every last Sunday of the month!

For every anniversary, there has been a theme starting with their 1st year Buy Nigerian Edition, 2nd Year Charity Edition with the Freedom Foundation, 3rd year – launching their retail concept store -L’Espace; which won the British Council Young Fashion Entrepreneur Award in 2013 at the Lagos Fashion & Design Week, 4th Year, Discovering Design.

Oluchi Orlandi

This little market has made a very large impact in Nigeria’s budding Fashion Industry in helping introduce a fun retail experience for all. To celebrate their 5th year anniversary in Nigeria, it partnered with foremost African Fashion Webiste – to introduce LPM Nigeria’s next step, harnessing the buying power and desire for other African brands that are inaccessible to the Nigerian market and the LPM Community – LPM Africa, its inauguration hosted by Nigerian Super Model, and Natures Gentle Touch Ambassador, Oluchi Orlandi.

Isoken Ogiemwonyi, Wadami Amolegbe, Wonuola Okoye

This inauguration brought about an exciting mix of brands such as Ghana’s Osei Duro, Nigeria’s Jewel By Lisa’s J Label, South Africa’s Thula Sindi, Nigeria’s GREY, and Senegal’s Sophie Zinga in a pop-up atmosphere for Lagos’s Fashionistas such Omoyemi Akerele:

Omoyemi Akerele

Chalya Shagaya:

Chalya Shagaya

Joke Ladoja:

Joke Ladoja

Zara Okpara:

Zara Okpara

Tokini Peterside:

Tokini Peterside

Italian Nigerian Designer – Caterina Bortolussi of Kinabuti:

Caterina Bortolussi

As well as Top Nollywood Actress, Genevieve Nnaji:

Genevieve Nnaji

… and TV Stars” Toke Makinwa:

Toke Makinwa

and the Fashion Protégé Host, Fade Ogunro to name a few:

Fade Ogunro

The LPM Africa pop-up is set to tour the continent, and is currently in-store at L’Espace, located at 19A Olosa ST, Victoria Island Lagos.

Photo Credit: Ebenezer Dada for Insigna.

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Charis Dawson, Frances Pauls, Jeandri Britz, Kelli Botha, Michelle Van Der Westhuizen, Nadia Vilijoen and Tamara Cheris Dyson make the 2014 Elle Rising Star Finalists.

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The ELLE Rising Star Design Award 2014 in association with MRP and presented by AFI is in full swing and with the first round of judging under our belts we are proud to announce our 2014 finalists and their collections here!


ELLE’s editor, Emilie Gambade shares:

‘Judging the applications is an incredibly inspiring process, paging through the storyboards, the selection of fabric swatches and the technical sketches, but it’s also a serious and a difficult one as we were looking for the crème de la crème of fashion design on the continent. For the first time, we received entries from outside of South Africa and, while none of them made it to the final selection, it’s our fervent desire to embrace more African entries in 2015.

The seven finalists stood out because of their uniqueness and the care, passion and relevance that were evident in their storyboards; we are now looking forward to see how this translates into garments and flourishing careers.’



Pretoria, Gauteng


Collection title: Unfortunate Artby Natsie

‘My inspiration for this collection and future label comes from illegal art. I refer to illegal art as unfortunate art, because it doesn’t get the full appreciation, attention, exposure and understanding it deserves. I see this as an opportunity to give some recognition to art like graffiti, which would have only been seen by a handful of people before it is then covered with paint.

The garment shapes are clean and pure with a touch of drapery, with some pieces of the artwork printed on selected fabrics. Another key part of the collection is the play of technic elements such as the use of sheer fabrics in juxtaposition with firm fabrics. For this collection I plan to use fabrics like scuba, ottoman, silky chiffon, suede, twill, viscose lycra, chiffon silk, velt and ponti. I will be experimenting with different textile techniques such as digital printing, dip dyeing, hand painting, laser cutting and spray painting.’




Cape Town, Western Cape


Collection title: Modern Eclectic

‘I spent a great deal of my childhood exploring the South African and African coastline. I am inspired by the soft and faded, sun-kissed colours that we find above the water’s surface, the soft tones of the sand, sun-bleached sarongs and faded wood paint, and how these tones are contrasted by the bright luminescent underwater life with its naturally graphic colour-blocked panels. In the collection I experiment with fading hand-selected Isishweshwe prints, bringing them down to more pastel washed-out tones that are quite unexpected for this textile. Inspired by these prints I then designed my own patterns that I silk-screened myself onto fine silk as well as laser cut into satin, resulting in an eclectic mix of prints and colours. I want this collection to tell the Modern Eclectic African tale, one that speaks of our heritage and the beauty of our oceans, but combines it with a sophisticated sports luxe aesthetic. With its clean lines, bold use of print and colour and elegant sporty feel, this collection sums up my aesthetic as a designer perfectly.’



Cape Town, Western Cape


Collection title: Coast-to-Coast

‘Coast-to-Coast is based on my love for the ocean and my hometown coastline. My inspiration is drawn from the fisher folk. A quote from Storm Jameson is of relevance: “The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.” I was inspired by the fisher-folk work wear comprising staple elements like their aprons and parkas, and I replicated the aprons used for cleaning fish in the pinafore styling. The grey Melton used reflects the decayed vintage quality of their clothes. The collection comprises several staple articles of clothing made of natural fibres and natural textures.’



Cape Town, Western Cape


Collection title: The androgynousinside

‘My collection is inspired by the androgynous aesthetic. My work is a combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. I have played with different textures and big versus small silhouettes. My personal taste of less is more, negative space, and a less-feminine approach all came together as a strong concept in the design of my range. A quote by Robert Greene captures where my collection and designs stem from: “In a society where the roles everyone plays are obvious, the refusal to conform to any standard will excite interest. Be masculine and feminine, impudent and charming, subtle and outrageous. Let other people worry about being socially acceptable; those types are a dime a dozen, and you are after a power greater than they can imagine.”’



Paarl, South Africa


Collection title: Solid Exterior

‘Solid Exterior presents the feeling of a strong personality. The way someone will put up their guard and let others only see the idea of that person, but still give you the idea of vulnerability, that can only be overcome by suppression of their own emotions. The silhouette resembles characteristics of a shell, whether it is a shell of an egg or the fragile skin of a creature. It is what protects our bodies as a hiding place for our own emotions. I experimented with contrasting fabrics, working with tough yet see-through materials that hides the body as a soft shield.’



Cape Town, South Africa


Collection title: Digital Opacity

‘I’ve been fascinated for a while with the obsession with social media, and thought it would be interesting to interpret the obsession into a collection. The range is inspired by street style and the layering of websites. I’ve been inspired by pixels, the tiny elements which in their millions allow our fixation of digital media, and for this reason the collection draws on very square and linear shapes – boxy silhouettes, square panel lines, paired it with transparent layering. I’ve also included a lot of digital printing, creating a print that appears like a holographic hashtag, as well as dyeing to create custom-made fabrications.’

I’m quite a kooky character, and my label Wilton Dawson, reflects that. The label’s aesthetic can be described as romantically dystopian – combining a futuristic mood with softer, quirkier elements.’



Cape Town, Western Cape


Collection: Geometrics

‘My womenswear collection showcases discreet indulgence, carefully considered design, an underlying minimalistic approach, and a flawless aesthetic – a balanced sense of beauty emerges through simple perfection.

Influenced by line, shape and form of Bauhaus architectural design, stark linear shapes contrasted with fluid, curved lines flow throughout the range in both striking and subtle ways. I have used predominently natural fabrics featuring understated textural contrasts, such as percale, silk organza and  merino wool; together with meticulous attention to detail and finishing, this creates a wardrobe of luxurious garments and layered surfaces, highlighting the high-end mood.

Stripped back and designed with a modern edge, the Geometrics collection displays perfect control and balance between the fundamental design elements.’


Love what you see? MRP’s trend director and Rising Star judge, Joanne Frédéric says:

‘The brief for 2014 allowed the entrants the freedom to create their own ranges that are a reflection of their design aesthetic and what they want to stand for as a brand in the fashion industry. There were several strong standouts displaying creativity and a strong technical knowledge. These storyboards left us at a loss for words and counting down the days to seeing their vision on paper become reality on the ramp – truly exciting.’

Want more #RisingStarAfrica2014? Meet there judging panel here  and watch next week –

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Obsidian, Toju Foyeh Virgos Lounge & Viv La Resistance feature in Nigerian Concept Store, L’Espace New Season Campaign ‘Destination L’Espace’.

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We’ve always known L’Espace as the fashionista hub for all that’s hot and fresh in African fashion and design. And their previous campaigns featuring stars such as Beverly Naya and Zainab Balogun have shown this.

The new campaign highlights previously understated services you can get at L’Espace with highly stylized images featuring Munachi Abi for Beauty, Folu Storms for Fashion and Toke Makinwa for Lifestyle and Decadence. We see the starlets in vintage style images referencing the roraring 20’s the iconic 50’s housewife as well as a nod to more modern times.

Folu Storms in Virgos Lounge for L'Espace

The #Destination campaign is a clever play on the travel themed campaign video, shot in conjunction with Ndani Tv for the campaign which follows Folu Storms on her travels in Mozambique for ‘The New Africa’ and the idea of L’Espace as a Destination for fashion, beauty and lifestyle in Lagos:

With this advertising campaign, L’Espace reaffirms its unique concept: experiential and fun, luxurious yet accessible, style that all women can aspire to reinvent and ‘transform’ themselves. It encourages and offers women the opportunity to express their individual personalities and simply put – Enjoy life.

Folu Storms in Obsidian for L'Espace

In the words of Wonuola Okoye, co-founder of L’Espace you can ‘Come Naked’ and leave prepared for any scenario – whether its ‘pre-gaming’ with the girls before a night out or just ready for a pre-wedding celebration – with an appropriate gift from L’Espace in tow and a great memory of the L’Espace Experience.

Toke Makinwa in Viv La Resistance for L'Espace.

The campaign which officially launches this week and will also see the store give away different gifts showcasing the different sides of L’Espace, so watch out on all L’Espace media platforms to take part!

Folu Storms in Toju Foyeh and Virgos Lounge Jacket for L'Espace.

On Sunday, the 31st of August 2014, L’Espace sister brand – Le Petit Marche debuts LPM Africa, the 1st ever Pan – African Designers Sale in association with, be sure to stop by the store. ALL details HERE.

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Nigerian Design Label ‘Deola’ formerly known as ‘Deola Sagoe’ joins BCBG Max Azria, David Tlale, Herve Leger at the Prestigious New York Fashion Week.

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Known as Nigeria’s foremost Design Label, Deola formerly known as Deola Sagoe is having a pretty amazing 25th Year Anniversary.

Still the label to lead the way in Nigeria. Deola – Creative Directed by Deola Ade-Ojo will be the 1st Nigerian Design Label to show on the official New York Fashion Week Schedule, which hosts alot of credible buyers and Fashion Stakeholders in the industry, worldwide.

Deola on making it’s official debut for New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 will be joined by other African-International New York Fashion Week staples BCBG Max Azria (Tunisia), David Tlale (South Africa) & Herve Leger (Tunisa) on the 10th of September, 11AM at the Salon.

Billed on the schedule are also her daughters clothing label, Clan.

Looking forward to it

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Introducing ‘LPM Africa’ featuring Osei Duro, Thula Sindi, Sophie Zinga at the Inauguration happening on the 31st of August, 2014.

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For 5 years, Le Petit Marche – The Little Market, birth in Nigeria to mirror the popular Portobello Market in London has been a shopping favourite since its launch in 2009, it has successfully gathered the best of the city’s high street fashion brands and Fashionistas – monthly all under one roof, since its launch, every last Sunday of the month!

Invitation (2000x 800) B 2

For every anniversary, there has been a theme starting with their 1st year Buy Nigerian Edition, 2nd Year Charity Edition with the Freedom Foundation, 3rd year – launching their retail concept store -L’Espace; which won the British Council Young Fashion Entrepreneur Award in 2013 at the Lagos Fashion & Design Week, 4th Year, Discovering Design.

This little market has made a very large impact in Nigeria’s budding Fashion Industry in helping introduce a fun retail experience for all. To celebrate their 5th year they are looking to harness the buying power and desire for other African brands that are inaccessible to the Nigerian market and the LPM Community, and eventually tour Africa with an exciting mix of brands such as Osei Duro from Ghana, Thula Sindi from South Africa, Sophie Zinga from Senegal, Weizdhurm Frankyln from Nigeria to name a few – taking the LPM Experience and community around the world!

The LPM Africa’s inaugural edition will take place on the 31st of August, 2014, at L’espace.

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Oluchi Orlandi shines at M-Net Galaxy of the Stars to air on the 9th of August, 2014

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M-Net “Galaxy of the Stars” is an exclusive black-tie sit-down gala, which took place on Saturday, August 2nd, 2014 at the Gallagher Estate in South Africa.

The high profile event, which hosted Partners, Stakeholders, TV executives, on-screen talent, government officials, production guru’s and the biggest names in TV business was put together by M-Net and Multichoice South Africa. The big celebration which paid tribute to M-Net creative & business partnerships, was put together to celebrate nearly 28 years of bringing viewers premium TV content and to mark the momentous achievement, investment and commitment to the industry.

Oluchi Orlandi

The event also celebrated and acknowledged various stars and celebrities who were either discovered and whose careers have contributed immensely to M-Net Program Initiatives such as Music (ex. South African Idols), Soap Operas & Daytime Television (ex. Tinsel, Jacobs Cross, Isibaya), Movies (ex. Guns and Roses), Fashion (ex. Face of Africa, Africa’s Next Top Model) etc..

Super Model and Host of Africa’s Next Top Model Oluchi Orlandi who was discovered through M-Net’s ‘Face of Africa’, is one of the celebrated stars acknowledged at the Galaxy of the Stars.

Oluchi graces the runway at the show, in a small fashion show showcasing award winning South African Designer, David Tlale who has won awards such as the Elle New Talent and Best Designer by the Sunday Times in South Africa. David Tlale is also the only South African Fashion Designer to have a show on the New York Fashion Week Schedule 3 times in a row and was also a guest judge on Africa’s Next Top Model Season 1.

Oluchi Orlandi in David Tlale

M-Net has nurtured a culture of talent investment and on your TV screen celebrities will recount their relationship with M-Net. Other celebrities to be celebrated are: Husband Wife Team ‘Connie and Shona’, creators of Rockville, Comedian ‘David Kau’, Idols winner ‘Khaya’, Idols Presenter and Executive Producer ‘ProVerb’, 2008 Hollywood Oscar Film Director ‘Gavin Hood’ and many more.

This huge celebration will be brought into your homes through your TV screen and courtesy of M-net on the 9th of August 2014 at 2pm on M-Net and at 9.30pm on Mzansi Magic, Channel 161.

Catch Oluchi talk about her Journey, which includes her partnership with M-Net on ‘Africa’s Next Top Model’ and watch clips of when she was found by M-Net through ‘Face of Africa’.

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Lagos Fashion & Design Week kicks off on the 29th of October, 2014, becomes Pan-African and reforms its Awards to Fashion Focus (Apply Within).

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Lagos Fashion and Design Week (LFDW) is set to take place from October 29th to November 1st 2014 for the 4th year running. LFDW has been at the helm of the Nigerian fashion industry by ensuring that African designers have a platform to show case their collections annually and seek out various opportunities for designers both within Nigeria and beyond. This year, the LFDW will include other designers from across Africa.

Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2014

Omoyemi Akerele, Creative Director of LFDW stated ‘this year, we will begin to present designers from a selection across Africa as part of our vision to promote inter connectivity within the African fashion industry; a vital tool for the promotion of intra African trade. The African continent creates a natural market for the fashion industry and LFDW wants to ensure that we tap into this market.’

We are also introducing some new elements to the LFDW series this year. The LFDW Young Designer of the Year Competition, which ran for three years, will now be replaced by the LFDW Fashion Focus. The LFDW Fashion Focus is in partnership with Frallain Inc and Istituto Marangoni. Opportunities for selected participants include:

  • LFDW workshops focused on building retail ready brands for the business of fashion
  • Presentation at Lagos Fashion and Design Week
  • 6 months internship with Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH’s)’s EDUN facilitated by Frallain Inc.
  • Scholarship opportunity with Istituto Marangoni
  • LFDW Fashion Focus retail pop ups across Nigeria

For more information on how to participate please visit LFDW Fashion Focus for details on how to enter. is a proud Media Partner for Lagos Fashion & Design Week. 4 Times running!

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It’s Time! Now Open: Applications to Show at London Collections: Men Autumn/Winter 2015

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Fashion never sleeps! The London Collections: Men Spring/Summer 15 season ended last June, or exactly a month ago to be more precise and now the British Fashion Council has opened applications for menswear  designers who would like to showcase at LCM next year. Like every season, the showcase will be divided into a series of events and showcases including presentations, designer showrooms, catwalk shows as well as installations.

 The applications are open to men’s ready to wear and  accessories designers. The AW 2015 season will take place in London in January 2015.

The British Fashion Council (BFC) has been known for supporting emerging menswear talent such as Agi and Sam.

The closing date for applications is 22 September 2014.

Interested? Well be sure to visit the LCM website for application details.

Innocent Ndlovu is menswear fashion editor of HauTe Fashion Africa. Follow him on Twitter @IamInnocentN and Instagram @innoegram.

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Trend Report: Cape Town Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015

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It’s that time of the year, when we go from Fashion Week to Fashion Week across continents to Cape Town, New York, Lagos and top Fashion Cities in between. For every Fashionista, they understand it’s time for wardrobe change, keeping ahead of trends and staying stylish is number 1 priority.

At we are here to you simplify your options, and save you some shopping time. First up is from Cape Town Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection which saw over 25 designers put their best garbs forward. Here are the top 7 trends we could spot:

Keep it Above the Knee:


Ruald Rheeder | Non European | Craig Port

Knot it:


Michelle Ludek | Selfi | Leigh Schubert

Shift Key:


Stefania Morland | Lalesso | Gavin Rajah

High Collars:


LO | Nicolas Coutts |Leigh Schubert

A Deeper V, please:


Shana | Danielle Margaux | Kobus Dippenaar

Put a Face on it:


Blanc | Akedo | Shana

Let’s keep it all together:


Marianne Fassler | Ruald Rheeder | Lalesso

Next Up, New York!

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