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Adama Paris

The woman responsible for the extremely promising brand called Adama Paris is Adama Ndiaye from Senegal. Adama who was born in Kinshasa, formerly Zaire epitomizes the multicultural designer of the new millennium.

Her parents within the diplomatic corps, she grew up among several international cities and cosmopolitan face patterns, it was able to forge his own style.

Installed for several years in Paris, she lives between the French capital, New York, Brazil and Senegal.

Adama Paris style is more than a way of dressing: She moreover reflects the moods of the contemporary young woman. Openness to other cultures is now set for all women who refuse to be limited to a simplistic image, often defined by one brand, one culture.




Address: Corniche X 23 Médina Dakar Sénégal

Country: Senegal