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Akpos Okudu

Feminine, wearable and playful sophistication are words that best describe Akpos Okudu pieces.
In 2009, the first collection from Akpos Okudu was released with the intent of being a fore runner in all things soft, romantic & chic. Every Akpos Okudu piece shows a love for lush fabric, intricate details and colour. Close attention is paid to detail and cut, and limited runs of each fabric pattern is used. This makes every piece unique as it is important that it makes its wearer feel special; a lot of love is put into the construction of each piece.

I am inspired by lush fabrics like silk, satin, and brocade; bright colours; pop artists like andy warhol, Jim Dine; architecture, vintage jewellery and whimsical accents like frills on flamenco dancers’ outfits. My love for colour is evident in each collection. I mix and layer them in the most unexpected ways because I think that they have the most amazing effect on women.

The Akpos Okudu woman is self assured and unafraid to let her feminine side show through her outfit choices. Akpos Okudu pieces are not trend driven; I simply try to make clothes that women love to wear, want to wear & CAN wear.


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Phone: +234 (0) 8076256599

Address: #11 2nd Church road, Abuloma, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Country: Nigeria