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Amine Bendriouich

A B C B stands for Amine Bendriouich Couture & Bullshit. This brand doesn’t follow trends or seasons. The collections are timeless and the clothes don’t go out of style after six months.

People are free. They decide when they don’t like trousers, a jacket or a color. Trends can be found everywhere: in ourselves, our surroundings, our people, our tribes.

The only timeless trend we consider is rock’n’roll, not just the music, but rock’n’roll, the culture, the way of life, the attitude, the courage, the legends…

A B C B believes in legends, in superheroes, in urban heroes, and we design clothes for them, we believe that one day we will be with bob, jim, janis, james, & micheal…

We believe that they are like us and love to hang out with us…believe that there will be new heroes, that there is a lot around and the ones from the past are still alive.

A B C B believes that clothes are accessories for the attitude. We don’t design for men or women, it’s up to you to make a clothes yours. That’s why our lines are usually unisex, sometimes sligthly more feminine or more masculine. You will decide what is masculine or feminine to you.





Country: Morocco