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Bebe Noir

Bébénoir is a New York based clothing company that offers a wide range of African inspired and produced, stylish clothing at amazingly affordable prices. This is the idea at the heart of Bébénoir’s take on our creative process, from the design and execution of our fashions to how we interact and sell our clothing in our store. We wish to help bring the Bébénoir distinctive high style to as many people as we possibly can. Any fashion brand can produce high quality clothing at an expensive price, or an inferior product for a low price. We, at Bébénoir, work to bring high fashion at an affordable price. Custom tailoring, attention to detail, a personal touch and unique accessories are what we offer our customer at Bébénoir.



Phone: +1 (212) 828-5775

Address: 2164 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, New York, NY

Country: Guinee