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Deola Sagoe

Deola Sagoe is a fashion visionary with a unique approach to her craft that has endeared her to fans and followers all over the world. Using African fabrics, hand-woven materials, and contemporising almost-lost traditional African techniques, Deola designs present a unique vision and attitude for the modern woman.

Deola has been honoured through the years with numerous awards and accolades. Her fan base increases wherever in the world her clothes are seen or available.

Deola describes the woman who she designs for:

“The Deola Sagoe woman has the mysterious and engaging complexity that is a gift to all women. One day she is dead serious the next she has the naughtiest sense of humor.

One day she is all woman, the next she is ingénue. She definitely enjoys standing out, she is not a worker bee, but finds it far more interesting when everyone has a different point of view and yet everyone can still get along. She is colorful – she uses color to mirror her mood. She is vital – energetic – not the shy, retiring, type, but she also knows the appropriate time to hold her peace.

I like the Deola Sagoe woman because she’s really like a contribution to life…” Deola Sagoe

In person, Deola is a personality with many layers, much like the multilayered designs she crafts. She is a wondrous contradiction, a charismatic yet serene figure, outgoing yet shy, enterprising yet protective, rebellious yet a believer in age-old traditions.




Address: 292F Ajose Adeogun Street Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria

Country: Nigeria