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Eleni Labrou

After graduating from LISOF in December 2012, Eleni Labrou took part in African Fashion International’s Fastrack competition. She impressed the Fastrack judges with her beautifully designed ready-to-wear graduate collection, and along with her enthusiastic approach to better understanding the business of fashion, Eleni was chosen as one of the three winners.

Eleni has had a wonderful response from the South African fashion industry since winning Fastrack. Her clothes have been featured in many glossy magazines from Elle to Marie Claire and have become highly sought after.

As part of the prize Eleni apprenticed under Felicity Spies, owner of the high-end fashion boutique Egality.

In 2013 she established her label AKEDO. This contemporary brand brings to life Eleni’s design philosophy: the fine line between weird and sophisticated design.

AKEDO gets you. We do. We understand that you have a quirkiness inside you that needs to be expressed. We are not loud or crass in our individuality but through subtlety and sophistication we embrace you.

AKEDO doesn’t judge. We intend to create clothing that allows you to be who you are. We are unpretentious and our strength is in the vulnerability and honesty of our style.

AKEDO is a step to the left. And like most people, a tad off center in our thinking. We are different, not for the sake of it but because we believe that in everyone, is that little bit of peculiar. We’re all a bit AKEDO.

Standing on the opposite end of the street, we’re the thinking behind the straight jacket and the motivation behind the jumping castle. Reconstructing the elementary with a bit of weird.

Even if you didn’t ask. AKEDO is what you’re going to get.





Country: South Africa