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Ere Dappa


“Art in motion”, “a visual feast,” ” one-of-a- kind statements”, are a few of the adjectives that have been used to describe the design mastery of EREDAPPA. Clean lines, bold colour and intricate beading make every piece.

She creates a stand alone, head-turner that leaves a lasting impression. More than a fashion statement. Each garment is a fabulous exclamation! Eredappa Hart is a Nigerian-born designer who has mastered the art of combining classic European lines with traditional African Ankara fabrics and luminescent beadwork to create a stunning collection that has become the talk of the fashion world.

Eredappa studied Business in England but upon her return to Nigeria in 1994 she rediscovered her love of fashion. Beginning with designing unique footwear and handbags, her accessories were sold in France and Italy. But it was the emergence of the Eredappa label in 2006, specializing in womenswear clothing that made the fashion world sit up and take notice. Debuting at the “This Day” Fashion Show, Nigeria, the buzz spread and her customer base grew. She went on to showcase her collections at Pret-A-Porter, Paris, the “True Love” Fashion Awards, South Africa, and “Arise Magazine” Fashion Week in Nigeria, 2011. This recent showing earned her the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award.

Her clothing will also be featured in Lion Gates’ upcoming movie, “Good Deeds”, starring Thandie Newton, Rebecca Romjin, Eddie Cibrian and Phylicia Rashad. Using bold traditional African fabrics for her canvas. Eredappa, crafts her own story in contrasting colors and bold splashes of beading in multi-layered applications that appear three dimensional. African art meets European sensibility in classic, luxurious and distinct garments that display Eredappa’s understanding of what makes a woman look her best.

Her new spring/summer line entitled “Sun-sation!” is an explosion of color welcoming the heat of the season and celebrating all the sun brings to life. She, along with her ever-evolving collection will be featured as a guest designer in the Nexus Showroom during New York Fashion Week from Sept 12 – 23, 2011.

Eredappa took part in the MBNY Nolcha Fashion Week and Couture Fashion Show SS 2012. She also showcased her collection at the 1st Ladies Launcheon Fashion for Development held at the WALDORF ASTORIA In New York.

Website: http://www.eredappa.com/

Email: info@eredappa.com

Phone: +234 (0)803 3192155


Country: Nigeria