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Frank Osodi

Frank Osodi Richard, the Proprietor of the house of Bunor Creazioni. Frank a former professional model has won for himself several awards in his years as a fashion designer, most notable among them are International designer of the year 1991-1992, fashion person of the year 2003. Frank is also the brain behind the highly successful annual international fashion show BLACK, BOLD AND JAZZY, mostly refered this days as Red Bold and Jazzy.

Frank captures and expresses the sentiments of a generation and expands his horizon to make an impact on the african society and the diaspora at large by creating a harmony between fashion and life. Frank Osodi is beyond doubt one of the most talented in the fashion society today. With the roots of his talent stemming from fashion to model management, fashion consultant to media and events and make up.



Phone: +234-803-3257711

Address: House of Bunor Creazioni, 50/52, Adelabu Street. Surulere, Lagos. Nigeria.

Country: Nigeria