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House of Silk

Started in Lagos state, Nigeria on the 1st January 2009 as a fabric retail company, in only a few months the company grew to incorporate tailoring services for our clients on a one-to-one basis. The creativity in designs, invisible tailoring and impeccable finishing left the clients yearning for more and the brand later grew to open its retail store in Lagos and Flagship store in Abuja which is fast rising as the fashion hub in sub Saharan Africa. House of Silk (HOS) has contributed greatly to the fashion scene providing bespoke tailoring for celebrities and top government officials home and abroad.

“HOS expresses feminity in the most perfectly chic and elegant ready-to-wear dresses” said the C.E.O of the brand. Our eclectic ensembles use the best Luxury silk, prints, satin & sheer fabrics, tailored to fuse creativity and comfort. Typical designs adorn rhinestones, studs, intricate beaded bodice & sequin drapings of assorted colors to accessorize our collection of evening gowns, cocktail and play dresses, which provide the highlight of our collection

House of silk now has 2 lines the HOS luxury line protrays an amalgamation of mid-eastern silhouettes furnished with Bright playful hues with toga cuts, deconstructed drapes and layering in the rarest Tempera painting style, Motioned swirls of strong graphic signature silk & the Abada collection line which uses local prints which prominently feature sequins and lace mixes with African prints made with figure conscious silhouettes tailor made for the beautiful African woman.

“The future will see many more HOS appearances on the international red carpets, retail and online stores in Europe, the USA and beyond.





Country: Nigeria