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Madam Wokie

Creating a Contemporary Collection that is Everchanging.Targeting Fashion Conscious Professionals and young GIRLS who have come of Age.Madam Wokie serves the woman who is a Risktaker,a Fashion Lover and a Trendsetter who has a fresh eye on Style and the World around her.She is not limited by her surroundings,she is up on the latest trends and has a playful attitde towards Fashion.Or Mission is Simple “Celebrating Female Epowerement”………………
Company Overview
The Madam Wokie brand fuses heritage Sierra Leonean aesthetics with elegant modern designs. Having started off with a ready-to-wear line, the brand has now expanded to include bags, jewellery, footwear and fabrics.
The brand name Madam Wokie is inspired by Mary-ann’s maternal great-grandmother – Madam Wokie Massaquoi. She was a beautiful, strong and super stylish lady who loved expressing herself through fashion. Madam Wokie, a Paramount Chief, was presented with a crown by the Queen of England in 1961 and to this date, the location of the crown remains a well guarded family secret.



Phone: +232 33 472796, +232 76 784245

Address: 14C Syke Street Freetown Sierra Leone

Country: Sierra Leone