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Mantsho is a Sotho name that explains the roots of young black woman, an exclusive fashion brand that is vibrant, bold and expressive.The divine creation of Mantsho garments are inspired by Palesa Mokubung’s personal cultural and social experiences and this is how Mantsho relates to the people. Mantsho is of high quality in terms of design, fabric and production, using fabrics of high quality from stores such as Vlisco. Mantsho (meaning ‘brutally black‘) is undeniably setting a new global fashion and attitude trend.

Palesa Mokubung started her business ‘Mantsho’ in 2005. She is currently studying to get her Bachelor of Arts in design. She has returned to university as she feels is has been very inspiring, it gives her a much deeper appreciation for her craft because of the intensity of the challenge it upholds. Palesa has received much recognition as a designer over time, including being nominated for both Marie Claire 2007 and True Love 2010 Fashion Awards.
She has supplied various stored across the world and has met many well-esteemed designers through her travels. Her garments are a wonderful combination of being bold, experimental, fresh and always inspired with an effortless Afrique Aesthetic; she reaches out to women who aspire to be style leaders and trend dictators in their circles.
This season her theme for her collection is “Inspiration meets Aspiration”.



Phone: 082 844 7173

Address: 19A De Villiers St Vereeniging 1930

Country: South Africa