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Minette Meyer

My 3 years spent at The Spero Villioti Elite Design Academy must be the three most enjoyable and enriching years of my life. I really enjoyed my study experience I had at the academy. In my graduation year at Spero Villioti, I successfully completed 2 parsons NY programs which was of high value to me and really broadened my design skills. Towards the end of 2010, I was placed as a top 10 finalist for the annual Bridal Africa Competition with my finale dress from my collection. I went on further to graduate top of my class, cum laude, in 2010 and it must have been the most exciting and blessed time of my life! Graduating top of my class saw me soar to new heights within the fashion industry and I was honoured to receive the Truworths Award for Most Fashionably Commercial Collection in 3rd year from the organisers. I will also never forget how my heart sank when I got the phonecall from AFI(the organisers of Johannesburg Fashion Week) asking me to showcase a full range at the Johannesburg Fashion Week 2011! Wow! I have always been one to design out of passion and not for reward, but being recognised for the passion and hard work I put into fashion really put a joy in my heart and made me just want to work ten times harder. I then got the chance to be employed as the Fashion Assistant to Spero Villioti and what an amazing learning experience. From cutting fabrics and patternmaking, to time management and business skills, i found myself furthering my knowledge and skills within the fashion industry under the watchful eye of Spero himself. I also chose to further my studies and complete an advanced programme with Spero Villioti diving into the business of fashion, retailing, forecasting and many more. I am currently working as fashion co-ordinator with Spero Villioti specialising in events management and customer relations. Although I have started a small business from home as well, my dream is to transform the fashion industry with the passion I have and own a number of successful boutiques and brands.





Country: South Africa