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Pyromaniac by MP

Michèle Pouani is the creative mind behind Pyromaniac by mp. She hails from Cameroon, where her passion for clothes stems from her sweet upbringing in a family where Mom is a locally acclaimed fashion designer. As she could not have chosen a more “fitting” path to embark on, her career began in 2002 at l’Institut Paris Modeliste in Paris where she graduated with a Fashion Design and Technology diploma. During her degree she worked for various “maisons de couture” in the likes of Isabelle Beaumenay Joannet. To cultivate her creative and sharp spirit, in 2006 she made a bold move to Vancouver B.C. where she acquired a diploma in International Business Management. Michèle later relocated to Montréal to continue her Business apprenticeship while working with the renowned Quebec designer Isabelle Elie. Through it all she was profoundly inspired to craft her very own creations and started sowing the seeds of Pyromaniac by mp. Through her diverse travels and colourful heritage, Michèle’s approach to fashion is undoubtedly young, edgy, and most importantly timeless! She has taken influences from all three continents and cultures and translated them into her own unique style of clothing.

The Vision:
Pyromaniac by mp is a contemporary line of ladies couture (a mixture of vintage trends infused by a dashing multicultural flame) geared towards the elegantly stylish multicultural woman. Pyromaniac by mp strives to be more than just a name brand and longs to take fashion back to the old school where tailoring and craftsmanship reigned supreme, and the quality of a piece could speak for itself. The culture experience alone is enough to inspire beautiful designs with sentimental history as the line in its core shows the designer’s infatuation for eye-catching fabrics; she fuses timeless style with a touch of African glamour by mixing various types of natural material to colourful African print textiles, which make each piece priceless in their own way. The designer aims for every woman wearing a Pyromaniac by mp piece to feel inspired, inspiring, irresistibly unique and bold in the expression of their individuality. Embrace the Pyromaniac… Be Wear.





Country: Cameroon