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Qétura is a fashion line founded by Abbiee Oyewole. Born and Raised in Lagos, Nigeria. Her passion for fashion was born as an unsatisfied retail consumer. With a lot of influence from her heritage, through the use vibrant and ethnic prints, Qétura strives to bring awareness to the renaissance African woman.

Qétura was launched in April 2008. The first collection was an eclectic mix of prints, textures and colors, setting the tone for what the line has to offer. Since the launch, Qétura has featured at various fashion shows and events in the US.

Qétura is for that stylish woman who works hard during day, meets her girls for happy hour on a week day, weekend brunch and of course provides that extra kick for an evening out on the town.

Qétura’s design philosophy is elegance through simplicity





Country: Nigeria