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Re Bahia

Re Bahia was established in the summer of 2009 by orire omatsola, an art history student of the university of Manchester, whose curiosity for fashion led her to attend a summer programme in Milan, reinforcing her desire to break into the industry.

Re Bahia although a young label, is a labour of love from a young designer working with some of the best minds. Re Bahia hopes over the next few years
to build a name for itself as one of the leading brands in Africa. We also aim to be a label that provides job opportunities in Africa, to this end we are working on ensuring our factories are based in Africa.

The Re Bahia style is one of simplicity. The clothing line focuses on the fabric, its colour and texture. The line aims to create a fusion between western and African fabrics.

The Re Bahia woman is the personification of modernity, sensuality, and simplicity. These characteristics are the inspiration for each collection.





Country: Nigeria