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Stiaan Louw

As a teenager Stiaan knew that he would go into something creative, initially he thought it was photography but as most teens do he soon figured out it wasn’t for him. He then moved on to styling but it wasn’t until he started designing clothes that he knew this was it for him.

Initially Stiaan was known as a women’s wear designer but changed to menswear, mainly because it was an underdeveloped market which fit his aesthetic, clean cut and minimalistic vision. Inspired by the likes of Croatian-Born Paris based designer Damir Doma, it’s not hard to see what attracted Stiaan to men’s fashion. Its clean lines and minimalism are exactly what Stiaan’s designs are all about.

In an industry which isn’t as developed as its overseas compatriots, Stiaan believes that the lack of menswear designers within South Africa is what is missing, “without more menswear designers emerging to push the industry there isn’t much to push the levels of creativity.”

Drawing inspiration from architecture, people, places it’s easy to see that he will not run out of original unique ideas anytime soon. His love of Grey is pretty evident if you look through his collection, when I asked him why, he said “Grey is a great colour for men because it can go with anything, also there are various tonal differentiations within grey itself” which allows for him to keep the clothes simple and clean.





Country: South Africa