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Tsemaye Binitie

Earliest memories of Versace 80’s madness is what inspired Tsemaye from an early age to decide that he wanted to dress women and even ‘the world’ in his own irreverently glamorous aesthetic!

Tsemaye graduated from Kingston University London in 2004 after completing an internship with John Richmond. A signature style of un-abashed glamour, meticulous cut and attention to detail techniques developed from creating his graduating collection. Spending time on the selling floor at Burberry as a Personal Shopping specialist allowed Tsemaye the opportunity to handle final product ranges and interact with the clients developing an understanding and sound background within the Luxury goods market.

Gaining a position on the design team at Stella McCartney in 2004, he went on to develop his design skills focusing on tailoring and creating a fully marketable collection. He joined the business at the crucial moment and was in a pivotal position to observe the beginnings of a global luxury brand.

Tsemaye Binitie (Shey-ma-yeh Bee-nee-tee-ay) launched his namesake label in 2010. It is a contemporary fashion label characterised by exquisite clothing encapsulating a love of luxury and innovative design. Meticulous cut, indulgent fabrics and sartorial construction permeates the delivery of sharp, refined and timeless pieces. Featuring dynamic, draped and body conscious silhouettes with a deep desire to communicate a new sense of elegance and a modern glamour.

The ideal woman will be a modern icon of strength, beauty and glamour. The collections will appeal to her as she has a strong understanding of self, she will appreciate the complex hidden details behind the simplicity of the pieces.

The current collection is called ‘Sade’ and was inspired by a nostalgic memory of my mum. I took her from the early eighties and made her more relevant to today. She was going on a trip to Paris, packing pieces that made her feel distinctly Nigerian but allowed her to blend seamlessly into European society. I focused on my Nigerian heritage, taking inspiration from our use of vibrant colours, texture and prints in our attire.

The collection features our signature structured body conscious dresses and separates in a dark palette infused with shots of colour. Textured Italian wools, Cashmere, Silk, Guipure lace and Leather come together seamlessly bringing to life the designer’s vision.

The label has been chosen to show its forthcoming S/S 12 collection at Lincoln Park – New York fashion week in September 2011.





Country: Nigeria