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Urban Goddess

URBAN Goddess a brand for a real woman, specializing in outfitting ladies in up to date fashion items fit to wear to the office as well as some items in the leisure side of the collection.
Ages between 25 – 60

URBAN Goddess not only develops a clothing line with items shown bi- annually at SAFW with each season this is supported by advertising in local magazines and newspapers as well a promotional campaigns. URBAN Goddess plans to market its line as side line to the existing larger brand URBAN Executive, Hospitality and Re-fresh. This is done by targeting individual clients and taking part in opportunities that allow the brand Retail space in boutiques and major retail chains i.e.: Edgars Capsule. The Key message associated to URBAN Goddess buyers is affordability, high fashion, attention to detail as well as a sense of individuality.
A bespoke collection offered to the URBAN Goddess client which allows items from the collection to be custom made. Mainly in the area of suits and blouses, items of which also come from the URBAN Executive line.




Address: 1175 Bosvlier Street (cnr. Frangipani Street) Winchester Hills

Country: South Africa