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Vonne Couture

French born designer, Yvonne Nwosu is the Creative Director behind the fashion line ‘VONNE’. Her love for fashion began since she was young, making clothes for her miniature dolls. Her passion for clothes blossomed into something more when she decided she wanted to become a fashion designer.

Vonne as she is fondly called in the fashion industry is known for her edgy and daring clothes and jackets. Her style is unique in every sense and true to her tag line ‘invokes the daring goddess in every woman’. Another unique aspect of Vonne’s fashion line is that she uses Damask fabrics which comes from the word Damascus which was sold in common 21st century market in Damascus. This unique use of Damask gives Vonne’s pieces a very timeless look.

Yvonne Nwosu has appeared in various publications and was recently nominated for “Best Designer” at the Future Awards 2011.





Country: Nigeria