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Folake Kuye Huntoon

As long as Folake Kuye Huntoon can remember, she’s “been into fashion.” After graduating from high school at 15, she went to fashion school before enrolling at University of Maryland College Park. A busy wife and mother of 3, Folake’s love of fashion came full circle when she started in February of 2009 with 3 other women.

Though the road was bumpy at times, Style Pantry took off with Folake’s direction and eventually, she started managing the blog on her own. But it was until her husband suggested that she post pictures of herself that she began to feature her unique sense of style on Style Pantry.

“You can’t give style advice and not post pictures of yourself to gain trust with your readers,” he told her. Turns out he was right. Her style pictures are the talk of the internet, especially Tumblr, where viewers laud her effortlessly chic outfits, beautiful natural hair and flawless skin.

She also runs a label called WeWe Clothing.

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