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The ‘Peul Princess’ as she was nicknamed by her colleagues was one of the 1st African models to successfully make it in the fashion world. She started her modeling career in the 1980s after fleeing to France, after she married and gave birth at the age of 17.

She began modeling first for Thierry Mugler, then Paco Rabanne and Christian Lacroix, and became known as Yves Saint Laurent’s muse, there was no denying her regal beauty and presence on the runway, and was easily one of the best models in France, and an Icon in Guinea.

Katoucha stopped modeling in 1994 to focus on activism against female circumcision, a rite performed in some African nations. Following her success as a model, she started the organization KPLCE – Katoucha pour la lutte contre l’excision (English: Katoucha for the battle against female circumcision), which was very dear to her. At the age of 9, Katoucha was circumcised, and in 2007, she published a book about her personal circumcision experience, “Dans ma chair” (Eng: “In My Flesh“) in France. She also worked as a host for the French Language Television program ‘Top Model’.

She lived on a Houseboat in France, where it is reported she may have accidentally fallen to her death after she got back from a party.

She was born in Conakry, Guinea.

On the 29th of February 2008, families, dear friends and fashion enthusiastis worsts fear became a reality, when it was announced that Katoucha was found dead, after she had been missing since the 1st of FEB. 2008.





Country: Guinea