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Tolula Adeyemi

Tolula Adeyemi is a Nigerian-born model, DJ and budding actress; with her debut performance as a jazz singer in Dustin Hoffman’s movie; Last Chance Harvey (2008). She also owns La Taetra, a theatre company.

Discovered at the age of seventeen at high street store Topshop she has captured the attention of the media and the fashion industry with her successes as Vivienne Westwood’s muse (she appears in the acclaimed designers 2008 Gold label Ad campaign), being the current face of British luxury sports/active wear label Hari and editorials in Vanity Fair, British Vogue, Hello and various other magazines.

Tolula is one of the darlings of Britain’s fashion scene. Her quirky yet glamorous style has made her a favourite on the red carpet. She often describes her style as ‘a mixture of masculine and feminine shapes, lines and structures’ and regards actresses; Josephine Baker, Jean Seberg and photographer Lee Miller as the inspiration behind her stylish looks.





Country: Nigeria