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Heritage 1960

Acknowledge Africa’s history, reflect a global present, and anticipate the uncharted future.

Heritage1960 is an online retail destination offering a curated view of global African fashion, lifestyle, and design. Named after the year 17 African countries won their independence, Heritage1960 celebrates freedom, individuality and unique style inspired by the continent.

Heritage 1960 hopes to dispel pre-conceived notions about African fashion, design and creativity. “Africa offers so much more than kente cloth and wax prints,” says the site’s Founder and Creative Director Enyinne Owunwanne. “It’s time we move beyond the cliché’s and begin to acknowledge that fashion coming from the continent is as rich, varied and sophisticated as anything you’d find in the US, Europe or Asia.”

Owunwanne decided to create Heritage1960. Her dream is to provide a platform where consumers could learn about African culture—both past and present—and purchase items that reflect a global sensibility with an African soul.

“Many people are unaware of the rich and diverse offerings that ultimately stem from the continent. So through Heritage1960, we’re presenting Africa in a unique and unforeseen light.”