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Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2011 [Day 2 – Duo 3] – Lanre Da Silva & Laquan Smith

Lanre Da-Silva Ajayi [LDA]:

Prints and lace and seam lines full of feminity were the order of the day on Lanre Da Silva’s runway. a pleasant blend of fabrics and lots of character emanating from the collection which featured heavy bead work, laces and a combination of pieces that stay through to the desginer’s signature style.

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Laquan Smith:


A very trendy and young collection that did justice to the colour blocking trending using warm pastel colour and bright pink on daringly short minidresses.

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ImageCredit: Insigna

Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2011 [Day 2- Duo 2] – Chichia London & Gert Johan-Coetzee

Chichia London:

African prints gone high fashion!! Making leather look well cool having it tailored with African printed fabrics staying ‘body-conscious’ in the process. We were absolutely loving the bondage-shouldered pieces and flouncy minis. Curve-Accentuating Collection we would like to call this!

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Gert Johan-Coetzee:


With love from South Africa, Gert’s collection spoke in volumes & feathers. Floor sweeping edgy pieces, a bit of lace, some sequins; we loved the warm varied shades of pink used in different pieces. Most coveted item from Gert’s show would have to be that reddish-pink Blazer – Love!


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Image Credit: Insigna

Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2011 [Day 2- Trio 1] – Jo Black Craze, Tsemaye Binitie & Mataano


Jo Black Craze:


Started off with Equestrian Fashion, almost felt like we were in a polo tournament! We were loving that and suddenly there was a smooth transition into sharp looking blazers with hot male models as accomplices; newly launched brand Jo Black Craze did indeed impress on the runway.


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Tsemaye Binitie:



With Agbani Darego opening the Tsemaye Binitie show, we were already literally blown away. We had to catch our breath to sustain us through Binitie’s showcase of Luxe Fabrics + Lush Models, we loved the shade of orange used on some of the pieces. The black numbers were simply sophisticated & classy. A collection after our hearts this was!


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Mataano’s collection appeared to have been strongly influenced by Spring 2011 Bold colours and of course the show wouldn’t have been absolute with warm earth tones as they are often used by twin-genius Mataano. Very Cohesive collection, we loved the furry hats { Bridged the gap between their collection being S/S or A/W} .


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Image Credit: Insigna